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Indian Supreme Court Orders Azad Killing Inquiry

Posted by hetty7 on January 30, 2011

The following article is from BBC NewsSouth Asia.

Funeral of Azad

Republic Cannot Kill It Own Children: Supreme Court

January 14, 2011:  India’s Supreme Court has given the government six weeks to explain the circumstances under which a prominent Maoist was killed last year.

Cherukuri Rajkumar was acting as an intermediary to set up peace talks between the Maoists and the Indian government when he was shot dead.

One judge said the state could not be allowed to kill its own children.

Human rights activists alleged the victim, also known as Azad, was killed by the police after he had been detained.

The Supreme COurt has asked the central government and the state administration in Andhra Pradesh to explain how Azad died last July in the Adilabad forests of Andra Pradesh.

He was number two in the rebel hierarchy in the state and a spokesman for the Maoists.

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