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Nepal: Maoist offer to Opposition Party Rejected

Posted by redpines on February 9, 2011

This article originally appeared in Republica. As always, we remind our readers that articles in the bourgeois press may not accurately report facts and events.

The CP-UML's Khanal

UML Standing Committee Says Deal Erroneous

KATHMANDU, Feb 8: The Standing Committee (SC) meeting of the ruling CPN-UML has termed the secret seven-point deal reached between Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal and UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal an erroneous move.

The SC decision came hours after the prime minister and Maoist Chairman Dahal confirmed that they had reached the secret deal and vowed to move ahead in accordance with its spirit.

While Khanal and party leaders close to him have been defending the accord, Madhav Kumar Nepal, KP Sharma Oli and other leaders close to them have objected to it vehemently.

“The five-hour meeting concluded that the agreement was a mistake in terms of policy, procedure and system,” said a party leader from the Nepal-Oli camp.

The leader claimed that at the meeting the prime minister undertook self-criticism for signing the agreement.

UML Vice-chairman Bamdev Gautam, who is close to Khanal, said the leaders agreed to some amendments to the agreement.

Sensing a conspiracy behind the Maoist leaders´ insistence on taking the home ministry, UML leaders decided to stick to their party´s claim to the home and defense ministries.

Under the deal, Dahal and Khanal have agreed over the issues of Maoist combatants, future leadership of the government and constitution writing.

Earlier in the morning, top Maoist and UML leaders met to discuss matters.

“We want to make it clear we will go ahead as per the agreement,” Khanal told reporters after the two party meeting held at Singha Durbar.

The prime minister, however, was quick to add that they would like to accommodate other parties in forging new agreements so that peace and constitution would be possible.

“This agreement doesn´t mean only the two parties would work together. We call upon other parties for collaboration,” Khanal said.

Khanal, KP Sharma Oli, Ishwar Pokharel and Bharat Mohan Adhikari from UML, and Dahal, Mohan Baidya and Narayankaji Shrestha of the Maoists participated at the meeting.

Dahal said there need be no confusion Khanal was elected prime minister on the ground of that agreement. “The agreement paved the way for salvaging the country which was hostage to indecisiveness for seven months,” Dahal said.

The Maoist chairman also echoed Khanal, saying they would work as per the spirit of the accord.

Dahal claimed that they were not disputing with the UML on power-sharing. He said as his party had already made immense sacrifice to give the country a government, it would not raise any further controversy over power-sharing.

He said they just wanted to clear misunderstandings over the seven-point deal before entering into the issue of power-sharing.

However, Oli, who was present at the meeting on Monday, professed ignorance about the secret deal. He said they did not reach any agreement with regard to implementing the deal reached between the two chairmen.

Oli said he would comment on the deal only after he receives the document. He said the seven-point deal was not tabled at the meeting for discussion. “They may commit themselves to implementing it as they were the signatories. But how can I say anything on a deal about which I am in the dark,” he said.

On cabinet formation, both Khanal and Dahal said they would resolve the matter as soon as possible.

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