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New York Action: Free Binayak Sen! Stop Operation Green Hunt!

Posted by celticfire84 on February 14, 2011

Free Binayak Sen Action in New York City.

This comes from the Free Binayak Sen Campaign website.This action represented the beginnings of opposition to the Indian government attacks on Maoist revolutionary forces and the tribal people called Adivasis.

12 February 2011, New York City

Members of the Committee for a New South Asia in New York leafleted at a speech, on India-China relations, given by the Foreign Secretary of India, Ms. Nirupama Rao. The event was sponsored by the India China Institute at New School University. One side of the leaflet asked and discussed the question, “Why is Dr. Binayak Sen being persecuted by the Indian state?” The other side it asked, “Why are the Adivasis being attacked through Operation Green Hunt?”

Several people with leaflets were assigned outside the building and right outside the room where Ms. Rao was speaking. About 100 people attended the event. Some members from the Committee attended the event and approached Ms. Rao afterwards and personally handed her a copy of the leaflet.

Last week when Chhattisgarh High Court rejected Dr. Sen’s bail, a senior minister in the state government described it as “a vindication of the state government’s stand on Binayak Sen.” “Now when the high court has dismissed the bail application, it is better for so-called human rights activists in India and abroad to keep away attacking the Chhatisgarh government and state police,” he said. We want to send the minister a message that Dr. Binayak Sen’s supporters will continue to stand in his solidarity, in India and abroad, while exposing censorship, human rights violations and acts of repression by the Government of India.

Click the images to download the flyer:

One Response to “New York Action: Free Binayak Sen! Stop Operation Green Hunt!”

  1. Green Red said

    In coming International Call:
    A Week of Solidarity with People’s War in India
    Please do not limit your support and solidarity stand to what a flyer or poster might suggest.

    Matter is not only party, green hunting operation of the regime and…

    Every Free Binayak Sen Campaign for example is one of the many serious matters of our time.

    Although for example life threats and legal threats against outstanding journalists like sister A ROY (salute to her) might not seem feasible for the regime’s damn bloody phony “greatest democracy of the world,” but arresting doctors like doctor B Sen are regime acts to make precedent so that no other doctors dare to stand for Adivasis, dalits and Maoist party and mass bases.

    That tells physicians for example that once a doctor walks across the forbidden line as defined by the regime, then s/he never can come back to hir regular life or, come back and live in societies.

    True, some doctors chose that separate life (as seen for example the case of a doctor in “walking with the comrades,”) but, it is not enough to see only a couple of picket lines with a card about such doctors.

    Contact Doctors without Borders and internationalist journalists to take a direct stand for such imprisoned doctors.
    Write direct letters to local doctors of anywhere you may live at or, can write to with mail, etc. and ask them to review their Hippocratic Oath that is an oath historically taken by doctors swearing to practice medicine ethically.
    Remind them that silence or indifference to support and defend such remarkable is a hypocrite’s stand.

    In the US? Tell them there is more to a progressive life than making their being a doctor solely a business to get rich with. Can they remember Black Panther’s breakfast and medical examinations? That party might be gone as an almost faded past but the legacy lives.
    And not only today’s doctors and nurses should put the world in pressure to acknowledge the bloody nature of current India regime toward progressive physicians who serve the needy there, by making similar practices, helping the poor, giving the credit to the progressive active needy sick and so forth, while to many you merely might appear as a reminding element of the Black Panther party, but further than that, with such humanitarian action and trying to practice for health of mistreated, imprisoned, hurt progressives (and regular poor people) you are literally building up one of the foundation columns of a true revolutionary party right here in the belly of the beast.
    Salute to all who care for the poor more than the cash they receive by their business!
    Long live people’s struggle in each and every doable dimension!
    Victory for people’s war in India and, around the world!

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