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U.S. Backs the Hated Nepal Police

Posted by hetty7 on February 15, 2011

During the long years of guerrilla warfare starting in the 1990s, it was the paramilitary Nepal Police who were often the most direct and brutal opponents of the revolution. This force was implicated in murder and rape. They hunted down political activists to kill and torture them. And they punished villages associated with the revolution. It was the police who were posted out in rural areas and conducted many assaults on the people. And it was this police force who was the target of the revolutionary movement — and was driven out of one provincial town after another. Now they form a bastion of the old power structure in the capital of Nepal.

Here is news that the U.S. government is financing a new Police Command Center in the capital of Nepal and promising ongoing support for this armed group.

We ask our readers to consider what this means: What is the U.S. wanting to strengthen within Nepal? What role will this new Center play in the sharp political struggles ahead? By what right does this foreign power intervene in Nepal to prop up such hated and discredited institutions? What should people in the U.S. do to expose and oppose such actions by the U.S. government — in a country with a rare and ongoing popular revolution?

Help us expose and oppose U.S. counterinsurgency against the revolution in Nepal.

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