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Nepal: Maoists Form Militant New Youth Wing

Posted by celticfire84 on February 26, 2011

Revolutionary Youth in Nepal

This article comes from We cannot confirm its accuracy, and we urge our usual caution in reports from the bourgeois press. However, the political struggle within Nepal’ appears to be sharpening, and we will provide reports and news as quickly as we can.

“Those who try to obstruct the establishment of a people’s federal republican order will be banished to jungle.”

Party youth outfits: Maoists to form tougher youth wing

SINDHULI, FEB 24 -UCPN (Maoist) Secretary CP Gajurel on Thursday said his party was forming a new youth organisation, which would be more ‘dangerous’ than the existing Young Communist League (YCL).

“In the past, everybody was afraid of YCL but not anymore. So we are planning to constitute a new force,” he said at a function in Sindhuli.

Gajurel also threatened to revive the party’s structures such as ‘people’s government’ and ‘people’s court’—which were active during the insurgency—if the seven-point deal struck with CPN-UML Chairman and Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal was not implemented. Stating that they planned to capture the urban areas, he said the struggle plan would be announced within five months. Maoist combatants would remain inside their camps even if the party revived the wartime organisational structures. “Those who try to obstruct the establishment of a people’s federal republican order will be banished to jungle.”

The party would be compelled to take a rough road if the easy one to constitution was hindered, the party secretary said.

One Response to “Nepal: Maoists Form Militant New Youth Wing”

  1. Nobody in Particular said

    Seems reasonable-the potential of counter-revolutionary intrigue remains high, a well-disciplined youth wing would be instrumental in sweeping the last dregs of royalist loyalists from their positions of power should the need arise. Hopefully the constitution, which was created according to legitimate democratic discussion and represents the will of the people freely expressing themselves in an atmosphere of necessary change, will be implemented without a hitch, and Nepal can rise to shine before a jaded and exhausted owrld, a beacon of Socialism and Democracy in a world blighted by Imperialism and Oligarchy.

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