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Basanta: Nepal is now at a serious crossroads

Posted by Alastair on March 14, 2011

The Italian radical newspaper Il Manifesto recently interviewed Maoist leader Basanta about the latest developments in Nepal.

Basanta on Nepal’s revolution

Q. After six months of impasse, the chairman of CPN-UML Jhala Nath Khanal was elected prime minister. At the last moment, seeing that he could not win this election, the Standing Committee of UCPN-Maoist has decided to cancel the candidature of Prachanda to support the candidacy of Khanal. How did you come to this decision?

A. Yes, for about six months in the past, there was an impasse in the Prime Ministerial election in Nepal. It is clear to everybody that the six months-long standoff was the result of meddling in the internal affairs of Nepal by the Indian ruling classes who do not want any changes in favour of the Nepalese people and Nepal. Nepalese people want stability and an anti-feudal and anti-imperialist constitution that resolves the basic contradiction in Nepal. Chairman Prachanda withdrew his candidacy and supported J N Khanal when it was clearly noticed that India was meddling to form a  government that would play more in the Indian interest to maintain status quo. Read the rest of this entry »

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Indian Government Continues Genocidal Operations in Orissa

Posted by redpines on March 14, 2011

The Indian government continues to launch new, brutal offenses against the CPI(Maoist) and the tribal communities who support it. These are part of the government’s larger and more comprehensive Operation Green Hunt . The presentation of these operations in the media is stunning in its own right. Note the dehumanizing language of ethnic cleansing in the following piece–Maoists are said to be “infesting” areas and need to be “combed” out like insects. The following piece from India Express is indicative of the bourgeois press’s deep complicity with the ruthless Indian government. At the same time, it suggests the CPI (Maoist) challenge to the state continues to grow stronger.

Combing operation to resume in Andhra-Orissa border

The combing operations in Maoist-infested areas that were stopped last month soon after the abduction of Malkangiri district collector R Vineel Krishna is likely to be resumed in Andhra-Orissa border.

The government in the 14-point demand negotiated by a 3-member team of interlocutors last month had said that there would be no “coercive action by security forces as long as Maoists did not indulge in unlawful activities”. But with Krishna and junior engineer free from the clutches of Maoists and the government having kept its promise of releasing 5 Maoists including that Ganti Prasadam, associate of CPI(Maoist) Andhra-Orissa Border Special Zonal Committee chief Ramakrishna, decks are being cleared to launch vigorous combing operations in Malkangiri and Koraput districts.

Senior police officials said a meeting is now underway in Bhubaneswar to decide on a joint combing operation of BSF, CRPF and the Orissa’s specialised anti-Maoist force, Special Operations Group. “In reality, there was no official order from the top to stop combing operations. We were informally asked to hold fire till the collector was released. Besides, there was no ceasefire with the Maoists as is being interpreted. The State did not commit anything to the interlocutors,” said a senior police in the Malkangiri-Koraput zone. Incidentally, Andhra Pradesh police never stopped its combing operation on Andhra borders during the collector abduction crisis, confirmed Shashidhar Reddy of Andhra Pradesh Special Intelligence Bureau.

The state’s decision to resume combing operation seems to have come after the union home minister P Chidambaram expressed his unhappiness over the way Naveen acceded to Maoists’ demands. Officials in MHA were upset that Orissa’s capitualtion before the Maoists undid the military success of the state police and the central paramilitary forces in Maoist zones. Soon after Krishna’s abduction, the chief secretary announced stopping of combing operation in the State which resulted in armed Maoist cadres roaming freely before police stations in Malkangiri. “We were twiddling our thumbs in frustration as Maoists cocked a snook at us. It did demoralise police rank and file,” said a SP in a Maoist-affected district. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nepal’s Maoist Line Struggle Erupts in Organizational Splits

Posted by Alastair on March 14, 2011

We have yet to see an official statement from the central leadership UCPN (M) on these developments.

However, it is clear that the line struggles within the party are expressing themselves in the mass organizations affiliated to the party. This is a sign of a real and serious splitting apart.

These reports come to us from the bourgeois media – treat them with caution.

This site has already carried reports of an earlier split in the union. After Vice-Chairman of the ANTUF Badri Prasad Bajgain declared the formation of a new union federation, the party leadership stepped in and dissolved both the Bajgain group and the official leadership of the union, a group led by ANTUF Chairman Salikram Jammakattel. Until a national convention of the union can be held, Jammakattel is still in charge of the union, and the Bajgain group is reported to have continued parallel activities.

Bajgain is reportedly close to UCPN (M) Vice-Chairman Mohan “Kiran” Baidya, a leading advocate within the party for an immediate strategy of people’s revolt. Jammakattel is said to be closer to party Chairman Prachanda, and the leaders of this latest break-away union are reportedly close to Vice-Chairman Baburam Bhattarai.

The situation is fluid, with new developments coming in rapidly and little information that can be fully trusted. We recommend our readers to treat these reports carefully.

In many ways the question in such a split is “who gets marginalised.” Are the revolutionary elements of this party forcing out a faction unwilling to make a new revolution? Or is this party’s rightwing actively creatively a new and non-revolutionary political alignment? And, if both are happening, who succeeds in defining the political landscape and events. These are major events for revolutionaries, and we urge people to pay close attention and to actively learn deep lessons from these events.

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Joma Sison: A Marxian Critique of the Neoliberal Economic Agenda

Posted by celticfire84 on March 14, 2011

Thanks to Red Ant Liberation Army blog for sharing this. Posting here does not imply endorsement of the views presented, but we share for the interest of our readers.


Watch the rest of the video series here.

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