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Nepal’s Maoist Line Struggle Erupts in Organizational Splits

Posted by Alastair on March 14, 2011

We have yet to see an official statement from the central leadership UCPN (M) on these developments.

However, it is clear that the line struggles within the party are expressing themselves in the mass organizations affiliated to the party. This is a sign of a real and serious splitting apart.

These reports come to us from the bourgeois media – treat them with caution.

This site has already carried reports of an earlier split in the union. After Vice-Chairman of the ANTUF Badri Prasad Bajgain declared the formation of a new union federation, the party leadership stepped in and dissolved both the Bajgain group and the official leadership of the union, a group led by ANTUF Chairman Salikram Jammakattel. Until a national convention of the union can be held, Jammakattel is still in charge of the union, and the Bajgain group is reported to have continued parallel activities.

Bajgain is reportedly close to UCPN (M) Vice-Chairman Mohan “Kiran” Baidya, a leading advocate within the party for an immediate strategy of people’s revolt. Jammakattel is said to be closer to party Chairman Prachanda, and the leaders of this latest break-away union are reportedly close to Vice-Chairman Baburam Bhattarai.

The situation is fluid, with new developments coming in rapidly and little information that can be fully trusted. We recommend our readers to treat these reports carefully.

In many ways the question in such a split is “who gets marginalised.” Are the revolutionary elements of this party forcing out a faction unwilling to make a new revolution? Or is this party’s rightwing actively creatively a new and non-revolutionary political alignment? And, if both are happening, who succeeds in defining the political landscape and events. These are major events for revolutionaries, and we urge people to pay close attention and to actively learn deep lessons from these events.

From the Himalayan Times

ANTUF suffers three-way split

• Bhattarai faction forms 175-member pressure group • Devises 16-point regulations


KATHMANDU: The third faction of Maoists’ trade union, All Nepal Trade Union Federation, that is close to UCPN-M vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai today formed a 175-member Central Pressure Campaign under Deputy General Secretary, Laldhoj Nembang.

With this the Maoist trade union today formally split into three factions after pro-Baidhya’s faction under vice-chairman Badri Bajgain formed a parallel trade union, All Nepal Revolutionary Trade Union Federation (ANRTUF).

Organising a separate national gathering today at Siddhi Ganesh Party Palace at Sorhakhutte with some 750 workers converging from different parts of the country, the third faction has devised a 16-point regulation to lead the campaign.

“We will take the campaign to the local level, create pressure on the party and the federation for a unified and strong organisation,” said convener Nembang.

According to the regulations, the campaign will fight to end the recent trend of the trade union becoming more powerful than the party, becoming closer to higher class people and the owner-servant relationship between workers and their leaders. The campaign will pressure the leaders to strengthen the organisation, and end the practice of preventing differing views.

ANTUF Secretary Ramesh Panta, one of the members of the campaign, said after identifying the root cause of the factions in the organisation and ending such thinking and attitudes among leaders, the campaign would create pressure on all bodies of the federation and party to develop a unified trade union.

Panta said the faction would boycott the functions organised by the two factions under chairman Shalikram Jammarkattel and vice-chairman Bajgain. Minister for Physical Planning and Works, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, politburo members Devendra Poudel, Ram Karki, Navaraj Subedi addressed the gathering besides Dr Bhattarai. Politburo member Lila Bahadur Thapa, central committee members Sabina Aryal Kumar Poudel, and Bhakti Pande were also present.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Bhattarai praised the ‘historic’ initiation to create a unified organisation. He claimed that the division in the federation was due to the division in the party’s line, which the leaders have been attempting to resolve.

He claimed a strong and unified workers’ trade union was as essential for the urban revolt as the role of peasants in the rural class struggle.

Chairman Jammarkattel has refused to accept party’s decision to dissolve his committee while both Bajgain and Nembang have welcomed the dissolution but refused to accept the leadership of Jammarkattel in the Conference Organising Committee.

However, leaders claimed that the problem has been deepening due to party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s ‘unnecessary attachment’ with Jammarkattel.

2 Responses to “Nepal’s Maoist Line Struggle Erupts in Organizational Splits”

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  2. […] is this more apparent than within the Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Trade Union Federation. The union has split, and there have been violent clashes between rival factions. The establishment faction under ANTUF […]

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