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Nepal: Maoists to set up People’s Volunteers

Posted by celticfire84 on March 15, 2011

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“We know that the anti-revolutionary and reactionary forces are hand in gloves. So we are setting up a new force to defeat them”

PALPA, March 6: Maoists have stepped up efforts to create yet another combative force called “People´s Volunteers Group” as part of their preparations for “people´s revolt” with the party planning to mobilize some five hundred thousand youths for “people´s service”. According to the leaders of the party, the youths would also be deployed to foil any attempts of reactionaries against the peace process and constitution-drafting.

“We know that the anti-revolutionary and reactionary forces are hand in gloves. So we are setting up a new force to defeat them,” said Maoist leader Netra Bikram Chand, who is the coordinator of the new combative organization. “We will be in the service of people through the people´s volunteers — no matter whether or not we are in the government,” said Chand who was in Palpa the other day to set up people´s volunteers in the district. He said the party wants to employ the youths for development works, but added that they will also fight against reactionary forces if need be.

It may be recalled that party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal had during cadre training said that the party would form a force of 500 thousand youths as part of preparation for the people´s revolt.
Chand, however, claimed that the volunteers will work for people and will be engaged in the reconstruction of destroyed physical infrastructure and other productive tasks. “It is neither an alternative to the People´s Liberation Army nor a parallel structure of the YCL,” said Chand. “We will not give them any kind of military training. The volunteers will be trained to work for people and implement the party´s programs.”

He said in each camp around two hundred volunteers will receive a two months training. The Maoist party hopes to formally declare the organization on March 19. According to him, there will be two types of volunteers: whole-timers and part-timers. “The whole-timers would work eight hours a day,” he said, “whereas the part-timers would continue in their professions but also take part in party activities.”

The other members of the people´s volunteers group are Shakti Basnet, Ganeshman Pun, Uma Bhujel, Dil Kumari Prajapati and Raju Khadka.

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