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Wikileaks Reveals: India’s Conspiracies against Nepal’s Maoists & Social Change

Posted by Alastair on March 17, 2011

India - An oppressive and expansionist power in South Asia

US Ambassador Moriarty writes;

“The Indian Ambassador continues privately to express much more pessimism about Maoist actions and intentions than in the past. Mukherjee shared our analysis that the Maoists continue to seek total state power — even if he is not prepared to say so publicly.”

The following was written for our Revolution in South Asia Info Project. Alastair’s previous analysis of Wikileaks and Nepal is here.

by Alastair Reith

Thanks to Wikileaks, another classified diplomatic cable from the U.S. Ambassador to Nepal was yesterday made public. Sent on the 18th of June 2007 under the title “INDIAN OFFICIALS TAKE TOUGHER STAND ON MAOISTS”, it details US and Indian interference in Nepal’s peace process and attempts to push for a brutal security force crackdown on the Maoist movement.

Perhaps most significantly, it  confirms that from the very beginning of Nepal’s five year peace process India has categorically opposed the integration of Nepal’s two armies — the People’s Liberation Army and the National Army — into a single, new, unified military force restructured to serve a democratic Nepal (and not the previous feudal, monarchical order).

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