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The Maoist “Problem” and the Democratic Left in India

Posted by celticfire84 on March 29, 2011

This piece comes from, and was written in June 2009. It explains why the Indian Maoists known as Naxals are not simply a “terror group,” but rather they are the front of a liberation struggle that is unlike NGO systems. Posting here does not imply endorsement.

While this strengthens the ruling political classes by diversifying its composition (adding the colour red), the problem for the thinking members of the ruling elite today seems to be that there is no credible “left” force out there to contain the “social discontent” of the masses. NGOs, social movements, Hindu right-wing have all failed. Further, there has been a significant exhaustion of the energies of neo-Gandhian social movements (for example the Narmada Bachao Andolan), which were committed to militant but professedly non-violent, non-hierarchical struggles. Concomitantly, there has been the shift of the entire spectrum of parliamentary political parties, including communist parties and social democracy, openly to the right. With a security-centric and repressive neo-liberal state destroying the lives and livelihood of millions of people, the change in the role of social democracy means that there is no credible “left” political force that would contain and channel the resistance from these masses along “democratic” lines: a problem for the ruling classes but an advantage for revolutionary forces.

The Maoist “Problem” and the Democratic Left in India

By Saroj Giri. Guest Contributor, Sanhati. June 22, 2009 Read the rest of this entry »

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