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Microcredit schemes no solution for Dalit women in India

Posted by redpines on April 13, 2011

While not a radical or communist analysis, the following article shows how even the most “innovative” capitalist solutions to problems of poverty, caste and gender oppression in India are inadequate. As the article suggests, underlying structural problems that cause displacement and dispossession remain: “…communal resource areas in villages, where women used to harvest fish and vegetables, have been converted for the production of commercial cash crops.” Contrast this with the approaches of India’s Maoists who offer the people far more comprehensive and dignified models. The piece originally appeared at

The pitfalls of microcredit among Dalit women in India

Dalit peoples in South Asia are a disadvantaged group. Historically they have faced discrimination as they are considered to be a lowly caste. Regarded as ‘untouchables,’ they historically performed work that was ‘unclean.’ They did leatherwork, cleaned the sewers, disposed of animal carcasses, swept the streets and did other work that was regarded as ‘polluted.’  Today, Dalits are often still regarded as outcasts and their ‘unclean’ status stems either from their actual occupation or from descent. Read the rest of this entry »

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