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Nepal: Maoist Leaders Discuss Proposals and Directions

Posted by celticfire84 on April 24, 2011

The following report comes from The Himalayan Times. They remain unsubstantiated by the Nepalese Maoists themselves, and we remind our readers to use caution in reading reports from the bourgeois press.

Secretary C P Gajurel said the party did not have three factions and only a two-line struggle existed. “Now chairman Dahal has adopted Bhattarai’s line deserting Baidhya’s,” he said during the meeting.

Dahal´s proposal proves divisive at CC meeting

KATHMANDU: Unified CPN-M standing committee members were divided over party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s proposal stating that the party’s official line of people’s revolt be dropped, at the central committee meeting today.

Vice Chairman Baburam Bhattarai said Dahal’s document was basically correct but it should incorporate the issue of forming a national consensus government. He also said the party should change the idea of the principal enemy of the Nepali people.

Vice Chairman Narayan Kaji Shrestha also said Dahal’s document was correct as it had incorporated neo-Marxism.

However, standing committee member Amik Sherchan questioned where the revolution was heading, while General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa said there was no basic difference between Dahal’s and Baidhya’s documents, so they should be merged.

Secretary C P Gajurel said the party did not have three factions and only a two-line struggle existed. “Now chairman Dahal has adopted Bhattarai’s line deserting Baidhya’s,” he said during the meeting.

Standing Committee member and Deputy Prime Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara confessed he had erroneously presented the draft of the extradition treaty at the legislature parliament, which had now been returned.

Standing committee member Dev Gurung explained the essence and significance of Baidhya’s political document at this critical juncture of the Nepali political scenario. He alleged that Dahal was heading towards ‘national surrender’.

Another standing committee member Netra Bikram Chand alleged that Dahal was more focused on the internal struggle within the party and had forgotten class struggle

The standing committee members on Baidhya’s side were Dev Gurung, Amik Sherchan, C P Gajurel, Netra Bikram Chand and Lilamani Pokhrel; while Shrestha, Bhattarai, Post Bahadur Bogati, Dinanath Sharma, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, Giriraj Mani Pokhrel and Mahara supported Dahal.

A politburo member close to Baidhya claimed that among the 95 central committee members, who had waged the people’s war, Baidhya had hold on a majority of them.

3 Responses to “Nepal: Maoist Leaders Discuss Proposals and Directions”

  1. Kumar Sarkar said

    It is our internationalist duty to ask the UCPN (Maoist)to finalise its strategy for the present stage of the revolution by calling its highest policy making body. Actions of international solidarity cannot be organised if the present apparently ambiguous or self-contradictory situation continues.

    Kumar Sarkar,

  2. Yes, after all Dahal appeared in his true color. He unmasked himself.Openly he has jumped on the revisionism camp. Now the time has come to be clear and make correct decision to move forward the revolution. Without revolutionary spirit we can not go ahead. Liquidation or revolution ? There is no another alternate.

  3. maitri said

    comrades rishi and kumar,
    Prachanda’s ‘true colours’!! he was the leader all this time, and it is MLM Prachanda Path, after all. if only now you have discovered his true color, then how deluded must you have been before? MB Singh was right all the time, revolution is not possible in Nepal.

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