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Biplap: Time favourable for revolt

Posted by Alastair on April 25, 2011

As Nepal’s Maoists argue sharply over whether a New Democratic revolution is possible, advocates of both sides of the debate are going to the media. This interview, originally published at Myrepublica, takes place with a Maoist leader called Netra Bikram Chand. During the People’s War he went by the code name ‘Biplap’. Chand is a leading voice for an immediate strategy of people’s revolt and the seizure of power by pro-Maoist forces. He is also the leader of the newly-created People’s Volunteers, a militant youth formation that many say could play a decisive role in a future uprising.

Is it true that the party is changing its current line to launch a revolt?

No. The decision has not come out officially. I won’t comment as the party has not changed the line officially. Nor do I think that the line endorsed after the Palungtar meeting would be changed.

But party has not drawn up any program for revolt, either?

No. That is not true. We have been holding various programs as per our action plan. We are conducting training and strengthening the organization. And this has created an atmosphere of trust between party cadres and the people. Listen to what the NC and UML, who are against peace and constitution, have to say. Yes, we are yet to see the climax of the revolt. But the preliminary tasks to implement the party line are going on in full swing.

What the leaders of the UML and the NC are saying?

They have been saying repeatedly that there is no significance of the CA now. They also say that they do not want to draft the constitution before completing the process to integrate the PLA. They don’t want to give us the home ministry and they are against the drafting of a people’s constitution. They are also reviving fake cases against Maoist lawmakers. This shows they are planning to create a crisis before May 28. Such things would automatically lead to a revolt.

Do you think your party’s policy to revolt would succeed?

The success or failure of a revolt depends on many things, including, political, economic, cultural factors. We entered into various agreements with the NC and the UML. These agreements were directly related to the people’s lives. The NC and UML are avoiding implementation of the agreements. So, we are sure that the people would spontaneously participate in the revolt. It is the issue of the people’s rights and people always prevail.

So we have only two options: either to draft a “people’s constitution” or launch a “people’s revolt”.

Don’t you want the CA term to be extended?

It is not the real issue. We still have time. Let’s take initiatives to draft a people’s constitution. We should settle the issues including a forward-looking state restructuring. The NC and UML are against socio-political changes.  So, this purely is a political issue.

Biplap - revolutionary leader

Is there any possibility of promulgating the new constitution?  

We are very clear on the issue. The new constitution should protect the national sovereignty, special rights of the minorities, including women, dalits and ethnic groups. It must ensure land reforms, youth employment, and state restructuring. If the constitution ignores these issues, we will surely revolt.
Is there any possibility of the president assuming a direct rule?

I can not say whether he will take matters into his own hands. But it is possible that such a situation may arise as a result of conspiracies. But that would not diffuse the crisis.

You just came after visiting districts? What are the people saying?

Cadres participated in our programs with great enthusiasm. The level of confidence among the party rank and file has gone up. This also reflects the people’s mood. The environment is favorable for a revolt. If the counter-revolutionaries play their game, party cadres are ready to counter.

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