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Philippines: Communist Rebels Resist Return of US Bases

Posted by celticfire84 on May 4, 2011

Protesters face off in front of US Embassy in the Philippines

Thanks to Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle for sharing this.

COMMUNIST rebels on Friday asked Filipinos to oppose any plan to reestablish United States military presence in Subic, Zambales, whether in the form of a base or related facilities.

The US military is reportedly searching for alternative places in the Asia-Pacific region to establish bases, in the face of growing opposition to their military bases in Okinawa, Japan where the US 7th Pacific Fleet is headquartered.

Last Tuesday, US Senators Daniel Inouye and Thad Cochran met with President Benigno Aquino III after visiting the Subic Bay Freeport to be briefed about the situation in the former US military base. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nepal: Conversation with Arundhati Roy

Posted by hetty7 on May 4, 2011

This article from myrepublica speaks about her experiences and perceptions and remarks on her essay Walking with the Comrades. 

Arundhati Roy (AP Photo/Mustafa Quraishi)

“While walking with the comrades, Roy was frequently branded as romantic to which she reiterated: “Often when you’re in the middle of a huge and dangerous argument, one of the strategies is to use labels as missiles in order not to deal with questions. I have no problem with romance but what do they mean by that?”

Arundhati on Arundhati

Sunina Karki/Bibek Bhandari

Kathmandu, April 19: “Thin, black, clever” in her words, Sryian Christian from Kerala, Arundhati Roy thought she was the “worst that a Christian girl could be.”

In the village of Aymanam in Kerala, Roy observed that she was one of the girls who hadn’t been indoctrinated. She rather spent time catching fish and knew every insect, grass and dragonfly.

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