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Bangladesh: Workers Employ Road-rail Blockade

Posted by celticfire84 on May 5, 2011

The following comes from John Bellamy Foster recently wrote “Ecologically, the world’s climate and the life-support systems of the entire earth are being transformed by a process of runaway global warming.” As the poorer countries of the earth pay the price for over energy use from the wealthier nations, many actions such as this railroad blockade in Bangladesh represent the coming battles for energy and resources.  The earth and its inhabitants can no longer afford the capitalist economic system as a means of providing for the earth.

Blockade in Barapukuria

Road-rail blockade in Barapukuria

Dinajpur, May 4 (—Ending a two-day coal mine siege programme, a citizen committee has enforced a 48-hour road-rail blockade programme in Barapukuria to push for its three-point charter of demands. Read the rest of this entry »

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