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Nepal: Maoists to Host Anti-Imperialist Conference

Posted by celticfire84 on May 10, 2011

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“According to Mukherjee, the conference will finalize a concrete program to fight political, economical and cultural imperialism.”

The Indian government has committed a long list of crimes against people domestically and has violently silenced internal opposition while making aggressive stances against the sovereignty of Nepal.

Maoists to host anti-imperialist conference

KATHMANDU, May 9: The ruling UCPN (Maoist) is hosting an anti-imperialism conference in November, inviting, among others, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark to Kathmandu to discuss political, economic and cultural imperialism, and peace in the world.

International Anti-Imperialist People´s Solidarity Coordinating Committee (IAPSCC), a network struggling against imperialist aggression, occupation and evils of globalization, is the organizer of the conference. UCPN (M), along with communist parties of 23 other countries, is also a member of the network.

IAPSCC General Secretary Manik Mukherjee is currently in Kathmandu to meet Maoist leaders to finalize the conference that has been held every two years since 2007. He met Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Saturday to finalize the conference.

“Though Nepal is small in size, Nepali people have been fighting Indian capitalism and imperialism for a long time,” Mukharjee told Republica on Sunday, when asked why Nepal was chosen as the venue for the conference.

Mukherjee said Dahal has assured him of bringing together 100,000 participants in the inaugural function of the conference to be held in Kathmandu from November 7-9. IAPSCC´s Chairman Clark will chair the first of its kind conference in Nepal, while representatives from 37 countries will participate in the event.

Established on November 29, 2007, IAPSCC is a global anti-imperialism movement.

“Not only the Maoists, we´ll make all anti-imperialists participate in the conference,” told IASCC secretariat member and Maoist politburo member Ninu Chapagain.

Mukharjee, who is also politburo member of Socialist Unity Center of India (Communist), said, “We want peace. The war is the causative factor of imperialism,” Mukherjee added, “We want to establish peace and we want create people´s front to fight the imperialists.”

According to Mukherjee, the conference will finalize a concrete program to fight political, economical and cultural imperialism.

13 Responses to “Nepal: Maoists to Host Anti-Imperialist Conference”

  1. land said

    Great picture.

  2. Pavan Patel said

    The story of populist politics and militant revisionism of United Nepali Maoist continued through this so called anti imperialist continued. The organisers like SUCI is known for this in India.
    Pavan Patel
    JNU, New Delhi, India

  3. Dhrohi said

    What is going on Nepal ? what happening to Nepal Maoist ? in my though, wait and watch had been so logn now it over, wake up don’tn lose your revolution way, get up jit is time to come up in street with strong arms.

  4. maitri said

    if the maoists could stop gorkha recruitment into the British army to fight innocent iraqis and afghans, as well as stop the planned deployement of nepali army troops into iraq after the european forces pull out, that would be a start. but if they cannot do that, then this conference means very little. more empty speeches that do not mean anything.

  5. Mike E said

    Why can’t a revolutionary party hold an anti-imperialist conference before they have seized power?

    Clearly the Maoists don’t control Nepal’s national army (i.e. its high command is reactionary, they do not command its deployments, etc.) — since they have not yet seized overall countrywide state power or defeated the National army — but why does that mean that their discussion of anti-imperialism is “empty,” or that it is wrong for them to seek out anti-imperialist forces internationally for joint work?

    We communists in the U.S. can’t “stop” the U.S. deployment of armies and nukes around the world (yet!) — but does that make anything we do or say “empty”?

    I don’t understand your argument Maitri.

  6. Kumar Sarkar said


    Have the Maoists of Nepal condemned the deployment of Nepalese soldiers in Afganistan and Iraq?

  7. Interesting and wonderful information. Prachand and anti–Imperialist Conference ? What a joke? Until now it is not discussed within the UCPN (Maoist) and party has not decided it.Theoretically it is not a bad thing and not a matter of debate. But some thing is hidden behind it. I am fully convinced with Patel, Maitri and Kumar. What about Gurkha Army–the puppets of NATO ? who are killing innocent people in Afghanistan ? And what about the open letter by Afghanistan Communist Party ( Maoist) to the UCPN ( Maoist). Prachand has not given the reply of that letter until now. IN fact, Prachand has abandoned the path of revolution, the path of anti–Imperialist and anti–expansionist and he has joined the hands with social democrats.

  8. Rajesh said

    Rishi, good to know your assessment about Prachanda. However, in practice, you all are playing roles, which help him to streghten his position as a social democrat. Where is Kiran? Where are you? And, where are other big names – Gaurav, Biplav, Dev Gurung, Jayapauri, Mahendra Paswan and many others? Is reorganization of the revolutionaries around a rivolutionary political line within UCPN (M)still possible?

  9. Wait,wait, wait friend. Now the time has come to make new decision.

  10. Ram Karki said

    Prachanda is doing what he is good at i.e. ‘drama’. I have never seen a farce of revolution as i witnessed in Nepal. Prachanda is desperate to become next Girja but people of Nepal will make him next Madhav Kumar Nepal. He would remain the president of the UNCP Maoist but the rein will be in the hands of Baburam.

  11. Ram Karki said

    When the leadership loses interest in fighting they always organize conference on Imperialism.

  12. land said

    The original picture of an eagle feeding off the people of the world has been replaced.The original picture while it brought alive the role of the U.S. internationally did not accurately portray what is the main enemy of the people of Nepal which is more India.

    Thanks for getting it right.

    And no this is not a great picture. But it is more accurate.

  13. Kumar Sarkar said

    May 28 2011 is probably the watershed, let us wait till ‘the demobilization or activation of PLA’, indicating significantly the probable future course of the revolution in Nepal.

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