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The Price of Economic Growth in India

Posted by redpines on May 12, 2011

India is touted as an economic ‘miracle’ by capitalist economists and pundits. Yet India’s economic growth has come due to and at the expense of its urban and rural poor, whose low wages make it possible for call centers and tech companies to remain ‘competitive’ on the global market.

As the following article notes, these jobs themselves depend on a “range of support services” that are ignored in discussions of India’s economy–“cleaning and maintenance of offices, transport, security, back office work, catering, and so on.” Though these workers largely live in extreme poverty, they are often more fortunate than the millions of lower-caste landless peasants and slum residents in India who have no formal employment at all. Analyses like the one below, from Mrzine point to the urgency of communist revolution in India. Posting here does not imply endorsement with the entirety of the article’s conclusions.

The Growth-Discrimination Nexus

by Jayati Ghosh

Many people, especially in India, tend to believe that the process of economic growth is likely to be mostly liberating for those oppressed by various forms of social discrimination and exclusion.  The argument is that market forces break open age-old social norms, especially those of caste and gender, that have for so long denied opportunities and restricted options for so many.

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India: Activist Binayak Sen attacks Sedition Laws

Posted by celticfire84 on May 12, 2011

From BBC News South Asia Service.

India: Activist Binayak Sen attacks Sedition Laws

Indian human rights activist Binayak Sen has accused the government of misusing the country’s sedition laws “to silence voices of dissent”.

In an interview with the BBC, he said that the laws were an outdated relic from the country’s colonial past.

Dr Sen was freed from jail in the state of Chhattisgarh earlier this month. He had been sentenced to life in prison in December for helping Maoist rebels.

The government is reportedly reviewing sedition laws.

Dr Sen also said the government was forming vigilante groups to fight the rebels. Villagers in some Maoist-affected areas have formed so-called self-defence groups, wihch have received state support.

The Indian government has repeatedly denied using unlawful means to fight the Maoists. Read the rest of this entry »

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