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Nepal’s Kiran: Against dissolving the Peoples Liberation Army

Posted by celticfire84 on May 22, 2011

Nepali revolutionary forces training

” The issue at hand is about Peoples Liberation Army integration [into the government army]. The peace process and constitution drafting should move ahead simultaneously. So many people sacrificed their lives for the sake of a “People’s Constitution”, but attention has not been paid in that regard.

“We have suspicions that we may be betrayed.”

The following interview with Mohan Baidya (nom de guerre is Kiran) reveals that the struggle within Nepal’s Maoist party focuses increasingly on the fate of the Peoples Liberation Army. 

There is a well-known saying from Mao Zedong’s red book that has been important to Maoism-since-Mao:

“Without a peoples army, the people have nothing.”

This question now stands center stage — in Nepali politics, in the struggle among the Maoists, and in the strategic decisions being taken for the Nepali revolution. The following is from

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Maoist Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya, who leads the hardline camp in the UCPN (Maoist), has registered a note of dissent against the party’s decision to accept Nepal Army’s modality for PLA integration.

Earlier, he had registered his dissent when Chairman Dahal adopted the line of peace and constitution overturning the mandate of the Palungtar plenum.

Baidya has accused Chairman Dahal of deviating from the revolutionary course of the party. Republica’s Kiran Pun caught up with him at the party headquarters Paris Danda after the standing committee meeting of the party held on Saturday. Excerpts:

Republica: Why did you register your note of dissent? What is it about?

Mohan Baidya: It is not unnatural to have different opinions in a revolutionary party. To put it in concrete terms, Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has deviated from the mandate and spirit of the Palungtar plenum and the subsequent Central Committee (CC) decision. Hence I registered my dissent.

Republica: You registered your dissent in the last standing committee as well. Why again?

Baidya: The context is not different this time as well. The issue at hand is about PLA integration. The peace process and constitution drafting should move ahead simultaneously. So many people sacrificed their lives for the sake of a “people’s constitution”, but attention has not been paid in that regard. We have suspicions that we may be betrayed. So I registered my dissent.

Republica: But the majority in the CC is against your ideological position.

Baidya: There is no need to link the current circumstances with the future of the revolution. Our stance is that the PLA integration and the constitution drafting should move ahead simultaneously. People will automatically launch a revolt if integration and the new constitution do not fulfill people’s aspirations. People’s revolt is inevitable if the state fails to address issues including state restructuring, national sovereignty, and bring an end to discriminations based on caste, religion, sex and class. We will then lead the revolt.

Republica: Do you think the combatants, especially those that support you, will accept the party’s decision on integration?

Baidya: It is our internal matter. Internal matters do not affect external matters. There can be agreements and disagreements in the party and the party has its own mechanism to solve them. We have cautioned that the party should not deviate from our ideology and betray the people.

Republica: The party establishment commands the majority. If Dahal declines to lead the struggle, will you still move ahead?

Baidya: The struggle will be launched. I strongly believe that the party will gradually support my ideology if situation turns adverse.

Republica: In the past you trusted Dahal but he ditched your party line.

Baidya: It will be too early to comment on this issue. We are holding discussions. I think Dahal has to be at the frontline to complete the revolution.

Republica: The circumstances are not in favor of your party line. So, how do you plan to move ahead?

Baidya: I don’t want to make comments now. It will largely depend on how the politics unfolds. The main thing is that we should not betray the people and the country. We never let down our revolutionary spirit. We will keep on launching struggles for national sovereignty and issues of people’s livelihood, until the “people’s revolution” reaches its logical conclusion.

Republica: But your group has been accused of trying to split the party.

Baidya: We are launching internal struggle in the party. So, it is absolutely wrong to level that allegation against us. It is our right to register notes of dissent. We should not assume that the majority is necessarily correct. Sometimes what the minority says can be true. It is not true that the majority are necessarily revolutionaries. They can be opportunists.

Republica: Do you think the change of line by Chairman Dahal is the outcome of his ambition to become the prime minister, or that he came under the influence of foreign power centers? Why do you think he changed his ideological position?

Baidya: I cannot say anything. He may have his own position. What he did now is not right and I have already registered my dissent.

Republica: It is said that the party joined the peace process after you and CP Gajurel were detained in India. And it is said that it was Dahal’s design.

Baidya: It is absolutely wrong, I never said such things anywhere. These are conspiracies to create a rift between the chairman and me.

Republica: But you had filed a case in the party saying that your detention in India was part of the conspiracy.

Baidya: No, the incident is not linked with Dahal. I filed the case in a different context.

Republica: It is said that Chairman Dahal always maintains his supremacy in the party pitting you and Vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai against each other. Is it true?

Baidya: That is not true; we are playing our own roles. Chairman Prachanda, Bhattarai and I have our own roles. It is natural that the chairman often has differences with me and Bhattarai. It is the outside forces who are trying to provoke us. It will continue. We not only have differences, but also unity. It is necessary to keep the party alive.

9 Responses to “Nepal’s Kiran: Against dissolving the Peoples Liberation Army”

  1. TheML said

    PLA Integration will effectively mean an end for the Working Class armed struggle if it is done within the current Bourgeois frameworks that are present in Nepal at the moment. If the PLA is not referred to effectively as the People’s Liberation Army, more or less its simply collaborationism. Both sides seem to be ushering in collaboration but for different methods however, Prachanda’s policy has been open collaboration with the Nepali Bourgeois where as Kiran’s seems to be more of a approach that still seems as if it has the struggle in its interests.

    The other issue of blatant revisionism is the accepting of a Bourgeois constitution, that declares Nepal to be a Bourgeois Republic. This goes directly against any form of Marxism-Leninism imaginable, not to mention in general this constitutional squandering doesn’t benefit the Working Class in the least. The Working Class isn’t being represented, when the leaders of the party aren’t building the party to represent the working class and bringing about revolutionary changes that place the working class in control of the Nepali industry.

    All in all, the Revisionism has to come to a stop and Kiran and Prachanda need to both be recognized as the revisionists that they are.

  2. siva said

    A commendably principled and a well disciplined set of responses from a truly revolutionary comrade.

  3. Kumar Sarkar said

    Let us wait 5 days more!

  4. No more comment now. I agree with the comment of Comrade Kumar AAditya, whose comment is published in But I want to add one thong :only note of decent does nothing, the main thing is the new plan, policy and program to march a head. Prachand has came out in his real face. Now every thing is clear. No more words and gossip, now we want in practice, we want in action. Conscious effort, strong will power and bold decision– these are the requirements of current situation. Comrade Kiran also should realise that, he is not far away from the question mark ?

  5. [Error corrected.]

  6. Rajesh said

    Last night or rather this morning, Prachanda committed that he will start dismantalling process of PLA structure soon and will complete it within three months. What role Kiran will play? Actively oppose and start new journey? Say no but do nothing substantial? Keep quite and let that happe?
    Rishi and other friends, what you say?

  7. Kumar Sarkar said

    In the absence of any international co-ordination centre and lack of statements from the UCPN(Maoist)explaining recurring changes in objectives, the situation following the latest 5-point deal on the 28th May 2011 does not allow us to organise any actions of solidarity with the struggle in Nepal, for an indefinite period.

  8. maitri said

    so comrades, there is a silence on nepal. is the revolution over, and the maoist party have well and truly joined bourgeois politics, or is there still a hope of revolution through Comrade Kiran line? it seems to me that the revolution is over, but how do others see it?

  9. Rajesh said

    PLA Nepal: What next?
    Posted by admin on June 6th, 2011
    Look at the faces of PLA Comrades. Their faces express the whole facts and figures which are unspoken. They are thinking about their future. They are worried about the future of the revolution and the nation.

    तस्विरहरू आफैँ बोल्छन् । हामी देखिरहेका छौं तिनका आँखामा आक्रोस छ र छातीमा पीडा । अब के होला ? एउटा गम्भीर प्रश्न उनीहरूका आँखामा घुमिरहेको बोध गर्न सकिन्छ । तिनीहरू आफ्नो भविष्यप्रति गम्भीर र क्रान्तिको भविष्यप्रति चिन्तित छन् ।
    It is a political crime to humiliate the PLA, who fought bravely against the reactionary forces and were never defeated. In reality, the lower rank of PLA cadres still want revolution. They want to come out from the cantonment and participate in the class struggle. They don’t want to surrender in the name of integration. If the party leadership does this type of humiliating decision, they will not accept it. They are free to choose the path to revolution and revolt.

    To implement the Prachanda’s personal decision–a decision of national surrender, the PLA deployed in the security of the top leaders are removed. The PLA fought the ten years’ People’s war. They are dedicated to the revolution and want to participate in the Peoples’ Revolt. They had dreamt of a free and independent Nepal. Now they are disarmed and have been sent to the cantonment. With a gloomy face and deep sorrow and fury, they glanced their leaders with a deep sigh and traveled back to the cantonment.

    What will be the next step for the revolutionaries , is a matter to wait for. It will take time for it to come out. They have a great challenge and there are many possibilities. But it is clear that the battle is not finished, the flag of revolution will not be lowered down . One thing is clear, there is no other way for revolutionaries to regroup the PLA and to prepare for a new guerilla war: Protracted People’s War. No surrender of PLA , fight, fight, fight against the reactionaries and revisionists, until the New Democratic Revolution is achieved. 000

    महान् जनयुद्धमा सहभागी भएका र महान् जनविद्रोहमा सहभागी हुने अठोट र प्रतिबद्धतामा रहेका र सुरक्षाका लागि माथिल्ला कमरेडहरूका साथमा रहेका जनमुक्ति सेनाका कमरेडहरू यतिबेर हतियारविहीन र भविष्यविहीन बनाएर फर्काइएका छन् । अँध्यारो अनुहार, गहिरो पीडा चिन्तित मानसिकता बोकेर उनीहरू क्यान्टनमेन्टमा फर्किएका छन् । यो क्षण साँच्चिकै पीडा र आक्रोसको क्षण हो ।

    दुस्मनले कहिल्यै हराउन नसकेका कमरेडहरूलाई आफ्नै नेता कमरेडहरूले टाउको निहुराउने स्थितिमा पुर्याएका छन् । रगतको त्यो उदात्त इतिहासलाई तिनले रछ्यानमा फ्यालेका छन् । बिस्तारै अपमानको थप पीडा उनीहरूले सहँदै जानु पार्ने छ । तर हारेन जनसेनाले लडाइं, हारेको छैन जनसेनाले लडाइं । र हार्ने छैन जनसेनाले लडाइं।

    एक थरीले क्रान्तिलाई धोका दिए पनि क्रान्ति रोकिने छैन । कमरेडहरू ! रातो झण्डा झुक्ने छैन । सहिदको रगत खेर जाने छैन । युद्ध जारी छ–भित्रै छ बाहिरै छ । विसर्जनवादीहरूविरुद्ध निर्मम सङ्घर्षको विकल्प छैन । जनमुक्ति सेनाको नयाँ फर्मेसन तयार गरी पुनः छापामार युद्धमा जानुको अब विकल्प छैन । कमरेडहरू ! धैर्य गरौँ क्रान्तिको झन्डा झुक्ने छैन ।000

    It explains a lot about the line struggle inside UCPN(M). However, is it simply the thinking of some revolutionaries or an organized approach to reignit revolution?

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