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Banerjee’s Election in West Bengal: An Uncertain Hope

Posted by redpines on May 23, 2011

The election of Mamata Banerjee to the position of chief minister in West Bengal may have important ramifications for revolutionary forces in India. Banerjee, a founding member of the Trinamool Congress  has been an opponent of the revisionist CPI(M) for decades, and, since her recent victory is touted as a “communist giant-killer”. Many of her policies appear more progressive than those of the CPI(M)–she fought against the forced eviction of small farmers from their lands and has opposed corporate development schemes and Special Economic Zones. Yet, these populist moves may be intended to undercut the influence of revolutionary forces–the CPI(Maoist) in particular. 

What impact, if any, Banerjee’s election will have on the Maoist armed struggle in India is unclear. But it is a significant development, and one that bears watching, especially given that it means a major setback for the CPI(M), whose forces have been responsible for numerous attacks on Maoists and tribal peoples.

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