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Escalation of Terror: Indian Army Moves Into Maoist-Controlled Areas

Posted by redpines on June 5, 2011

The tribal people of Eastern India, targets of the state

Thus far the Indian government has not used its standing army in public, covert operations against the CPI(Maoist), instead relying on a combination of police forces and right-wing militias to attack the Maoists and their tribal supporters. Now it seems that the state’s approach has changed, and it has moved its army into Chhattisgarh, near one of the Maoists’ strongholds. This means the notoriously brutal Indian Army will have new opportunities to commit atrocities. Revolution in South Asia encourages its readers to follow these developments closely. 

The article originally appeared here.

Army moves into naxal region for training jawans

By Krishna Das

The army has entered into the naxal infested region of Chhattisgarh. This entry, however, is not intended at any combat but for training commandos in the jungle warfare.

Around 500 jawans and officials of the Indian army, on Tuesday, reached Raipur from the central command headquarters of Lucknow. They later moved in separate teams to Bastar where the army is setting up a special training centre in Abujhmad. Naxals reportedly steer their activities form this region.

The Chhattisgarh government has provided 750 square kilometre of land in Abujhmad, Narayanpur district for the camp. The army will have well established training centre to equip the commandos with skills required in the jungle warfare.

Being naxal-infested state and the jawans moving into the rebels den, movement of security personnel has not been revealed. Officials and jawans left for Bastar in separate teams and through different routes.

The army is not coming to Chhattisgarh to fight with the naxalites and its sole purpose is to train its jawans in jungle warfare, Lt. General VK Ahluwalia, general officer commanding-in-chief of Central command, had said during his visit here in February. He added that the location and climatic conditions in Abujhmad was most suitable for the jungle warfare training.

This would be the first army facility in the area influenced by the Left radical group. With no clear guiding principle or rules of engagement to deal with a situation when naxalites attack army facility, officials had sought guidelines from the Union government’s department, concerned.

4 Responses to “Escalation of Terror: Indian Army Moves Into Maoist-Controlled Areas”

  1. Dhrohi said

    Maoist should be bewere of Indian army, be aware as they may do any type of action anytime, only for training is not intend, may be they want to do survey, racki,Or they trying to understand all about the Naxalst movements. If they are doing training nothing have to do, although related cammander should be awere.

  2. mar-wey said

    It’s a given for the central goverment to deny that they are sending their regular army to Chhattisgarh. As the clouds dissipitate, its getting clearer that the counter-insurgency forces they have sent earlier cannot handle the growing naxalites.

  3. Arun said

    The Indian government has become puppets at the hands of the Corporate/mining lobby and they are planning to push the tribal s out of their livelihood. The tribals have been living there for centuries even before the so called nation India was formed.

    The army men are known for their brutality – will the home minister and the media people leave their daughters and wives with these so called army men and be at peace, that too when the useless Indian media does not even report of the burtalities/ artocities committed by the so called security forces and the right wing militia (Salwa Judum).

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