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Arundhati Roy: I’m a Maoist Sympathizer, Not Ideologue

Posted by celticfire84 on June 6, 2011

This piece comes from the Guardian (UK) and highlights the experiences of author Arundhati Roy and her time with Indian Maoists known as Naxalites, and in this piece she describes herself as a Maoist sympathizer, but not an ideologue. This is profoundly brave for this author to side with the oppressed of India — while the Indian state continues its murderous acts under the guise of fighting terrorism which they call ‘Operation Greenhunt.’ 

Arundhati Roy. Photograph: Sarah Lee

Arundhati Roy authored Walking with the Comrades, an essay describing her time with the Indian Maoists.

Arundhati Roy:

‘They are trying to keep me destabilised. Anybody who says anything is in danger’

The Booker prize-winning novelist on her political activism in India, why she no longer condemns violent resistance – and why it doesn’t matter if she never writes a second novel

This is not an ideal beginning. I bump into Arundhati Roy as we are both heading for the loo in the foyer of the large building that houses her publisher Penguin’s offices. There are some authors, V S Naipaul say, with whom this could be awkward. But not Roy, who makes me feel instantly at ease. A few minutes later, her publicist settles us in a small, bare room. As we take our positions on either side of a narrow desk I liken it to an interrogation suite. But she says that in India, interrogation rooms are a good deal less salubrious than this. Read the rest of this entry »

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