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Howard Zinn, the U.S. Constitution and Revolution in Nepal

Posted by hetty7 on June 13, 2011

This article is from, and details the experiences of one Nepali man’s experience and disillusion with the American system and its hyped leaders and distorted history – and how progressive author Howard Zinn’s writings and contributions to revealing a more honest and comprehensive history of the United States.   

Author Howard Zinn

Zinn  wrote that “Governments – including the government of the United States are not neutral…they represent the dominant economic interests, and their constitutions are intended to serve these interests.”

Zinn died last year while swimming in a California hotel pool, but one of the things he said he wanted to be remembered for was this thought, which I feel is applicable to all Nepalis today.  Zinn wanted people to realize that “Power rests so far in the hands of the people with wealth and guns, but power ultimately rests in people themselves, and that they can use it. At certain points in history they have used it…”

People’s Power

Kuire Ka Kura


This week has been extremely quiet in my neighborhood of Dhobighat, Kathmandu with all the bandas and whatnot, but even without them, I always wake up to the sound of birds chirping and dogs barking – as well as to my own Shepard telling me it’s time to go for a walk.

Dhobighat seems thousands of miles away from downtown, where from what I gather folks are haggling over a new constitution, what it should contain, when it should be written, and who should control the process. As an expat, I feel very much an outsider on all that’s happening in the politics of Nepal this week.

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