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Nepal’s balance of forces & the future of Peoples Liberation Army

Posted by Mike E on June 23, 2011

Democracy and Class Struggle published this report from Peter Tobin, a correspondent who is currently in Nepal. It offers background and analysis of extremely important controversies that have sharpened within Nepal, and within that country’s revolutionary Maoist forces, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

Balance of military forces in Nepal –
In relation to PLA integration into the Nepal Army

by Peter Tobin

Before reporting on arguments around the integration into NA [formerly royalist Nepal Army], (as per terms of 2005 CPA [Comprehensive Peace Accords]) of approximately 20,000 PLA cadre [Peoples Liberation Army], it is necessary to understand the overwhelming logistical and numerical apparent superiority of the military available to the reactionary parties through the state apparatus.

The Nepalese Army has 95,000 active personal. It has been well-armed by India, US, UK, Russia and Israel. Its officer caste are trained in India, US and UK, and its high command is profoundly anti- maobaadi (viz 2008 coup against Prachanda-led coalition).

Last year Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal – the unelected UML, GS, and Delhi’s placeman after Prachanda – threatened to unlease the forces at his disposal against any “Maoist attempt to seize state power”, during the May manifestations. There is no doubt that NA general staff would have complied.

It receives $1.7 billion from US though the EMET programme which is jointly funded by Defense/State Departments, and funnelled through, the euphemistically titled: EIPC (Enhanced International Peacekeeping Capabilities)

Further military networking and synching occurs through OCD (Office for Defense Co-operation) convened under CINCPAC (US Commander-in Chief – Pacific).

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Benefits of a revolutionary movement: Nepal builds shelter for gay men

Posted by redpines on June 23, 2011

Issues of sexuality and sexuality-based oppression have often been sidelined in communist revolutions, to the detriment of both. But the Nepalese Maoists have paved the way for gay, lesbian and transgender liberation. In 2007, the Nepalese Supreme Court overturned laws discriminating against same-sex acts, and earlier this year, the government decided to recognize ‘transgender’ as an official census category. Now Nepal is building an institution to address a social problem ignored in most of the world, including the US–the abuse and trafficking of gay men.  NGOs and other parties are undoubtedly involved in these issues as well. But it seems doubtful that without the people’s war and the crucial support of the Maoists that such transformations would have been possible.

In a gesture that has endeared it to Nepal’s gay community, the republic’s first Maoist government in 2008, headed by Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, made budgetary allocations for them and the land for the centre was bought with the money – NRS 25-30 lakh a year.

This article originally appeared in Times of India.

Nepal to offer shelter to South Asia’s battered gays

by TNN

KATHMANDU: After organising beauty pageants for gays and transgenders, followed by extravagant same sex weddings, Nepal will now move to more sombre issues, becoming the first country in South Asia to offer shelter to battered gays. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nepal’s First Lesbian Wedding

Posted by redpines on June 23, 2011

Since 2007, Nepal has been at the forefront of various forms of gay, lesbian and transgender liberation in South Asia, often with the support of the UCPN(M). This article originally appeared at NDTV

Nepal lesbian wedding inspires Bengal, Kerala

by Indo-Asian News Service

Kathmandu: The first public lesbian wedding in Nepal, held this week under the aegis of the republic’s gay rights icon Sunil Babu Pant, has inspired the gay communities in West Bengal and Kerala to seek help to host the two states’ first public gay rallies next month.

Pant, who is also Nepal’s only openly gay Member of Parliament, founded the Blue Diamond Society (BDS) in 2002 to spearhead the gay rights movement in the then conservative Hindu kingdom where homosexuals faced ostracisation, rape and murderous attacks.

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