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Nepal’s Crossroads: Without a people’s army, the people have nothing.

Posted by celticfire84 on July 1, 2011

This statement emerges from within the Kasama Project — in internationalist communist solidarity with the revolutionary movement of Nepal’s people

By Eric Ribellarsi and Mike Ely

Co-signers: Firewolf Bizahaloni-Wong, Jed Brandt, Luis Chavez, J.B. Connors, Gregory E, Red Fox, Gary, chegitz guevara, Rosa Harris, Lee James, Eddy Laing, Bill Martin, Stephanie McMillan, Giovanni Navarrete, Stiofan Obuadhaigh, Radical Eyes, Redpines, Enzo Rhyner, Harry Sims, John Steele, Kathie Strom, Tell No Lies, Adolfo V., Nat W., Fanshen Wong, Liam Wright

For over twenty years, the impoverished and isolated peoples in the southern Himalayan foothills have risen up to remake themselves and their world. Now, after the sacrifices of a whole generation, the future of their movement and society hangs in the balance:

Will the revolutionary sections of the people be able to carry through the struggle to create the radically new Nepal they have dreamed of? Or will the accomplishments of their struggle so far be consolidated into something that falls short of liberation?

Two roads sharply posed

Different futures confront each other. Those opposing roads have become concentrated in a very stark set of opposing choices:

  • Should the leading Maoist forces and their broad allies break the current political stalemate?
  • Should they prepare the people for an insurrectionary uprising in a focused way and move to break the current ceasefire and seize countrywide political power?
  • Should they carry out a program of radical social changes and take historic steps against foreign domination?
  • Should they break out of the deadlocked framework of the current parliamentary system, and create a “people’s democratic” system together with other forces dedicated to fundamental change?
  • Should they expand and mobilize armed forces based among their Peoples Liberation Army to carry through these tasks?

Or, by contrast:

  • Should they take an approach that confines Nepal’s people within the world’s capitalist order for yet another generation?

These choices don’t face each other as just a debate – but as a power struggle over two roads. That power struggle is now focused on the question of preserving or dissolving the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) – which is one of the major accomplishments of the revolution so far. That power struggle will be decided (one way or another) by what the militants and supporters of Nepal’s revolution now do – in the period ahead. Read the rest of this entry »

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India’s Arundhati Roy: There is an Insurrection

Posted by hetty7 on July 1, 2011

This article is from The Independent (UK).

The author Arundhati Roy has described herself as "Maoist sympathizer, not ideologue."

Is There a Ban on Reporting Bad News From India?

Andrew Buncombe

It was the writer and activist Arundhati Roy who set foreign journalists chattering recently. In an interview with Stephen Moss in the Guardian, Ms Roy was discussing the Maoist and Adavsi “resistance “to encroachment on tribal lands. Mr. Moss asked her why, “we in the West don’t hear about these mini-wars?” Ms. Roy replied “I have been told quite openly  by several correspondents of international newspapers, that they have instructions – ‘No negative news from India’ – because it is an investment destination. So you don’t hear about it. But there is an insurrection, and its not just a Maoist insurrection.  Everywhere in the country, people are fighting.

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