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Dalit Dreams of a New Nepal

Posted by enaadoug1982 on August 18, 2011

Tilak Pariyar sits before the faces of martyred Dalits, photo credit: Eric Ribellars


The following is an interview with Tilak Pariyar, Chairman of the Dalit National Liberation Front of Nepal, an organization associated with the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). We are also attaching the 31 demands of DLF, which were delivered to the interim government in 2007. They give a sennse of the concrete steps that the Maoists plan to take to end the oppression of Dalit people in a New Nepal.

Interviewed by Eric Ribellarsi and Jim Weill

ER: Can you start by explaining what it means to be a Dalit in Nepal?

Dalits are a community within the Hindu religion, based off of the caste system. The caste system was brought here by India, and it has been spread all over the South Asian countries. People have been divided up into castes. The laboring classes have been treated as lower class people.

Laboring people have been called “untouchables.” It means that if you touch a laboring person, you will become impure. This system was adopted by the government , as well, which created all of these laws based off of the caste system. And this has been continuing in our society for about 3000 years. The laboring people are forgotten by this system. For this reason the Dalits have gathered in one party, the Maoist Party, the one party that wants to change the society.

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Nepal – Different Futures, Sharply Posed

Posted by hetty7 on August 18, 2011

Different futures, sharply posed.

This is from

Nepal  – Different Futures, Sharply Posed

Eric Ribellarsi

Amidst a great deal of uncertainty, the Prime Minister of Nepal, Khanal, has resigned. Khanal became Prime Minister after Nepal was unable to select a Prime Minister for over 7 months. Many different roads are now being posed. Some are calling for the formation of a “consensus government” (meaning consensus with Indian and U.S. intervention) and the consolidation of a bourgeois republic, with everything that would mean.

Forces among the Nepali Congress party and the UML (Nepal’s reactionary bourgeois parties) are moving for a majority government that would dissolve the Constituent Assembly and revert to Nepal’s 1990 constitution.  A line struggle among the Maoists over what road to take, including the possibility of an insurectionary road aimed at revolution, is continuing to sharpen.

What comes next remains to be seen.

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