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Prachanda critcizes Baidhya’s opposition to disarming

Posted by Mike E on September 2, 2011

Armed women fighters in a Maoist PLA cantonment

this statement by UCPN(Maoist) Chairman Prachanda appeared on September2 on the website associated with Prachanda’s party fraction: nepaleverestnews . Publishing this statement does not imply our agreement with its content – -but we feel our readers have a right to see and debate the different positions being put forward.

Maoist appealed not to be stimulated by Baidhya’s anti move towards party

Kathmandu, Sept. 2: Maoist has expressed its deep concern towards the statement intentionally expressed with dissatisfaction on the issue of handing over the weapons and containers to special committee that was released by Baidhy panelled. Maoist has made further clearance on the ill statement of Baidhy panelled that was circulated as stating that it was the decision of majority in its party’s standing committee for handing over the People’s Liberation Army and the weapons to the special committee.

Press release:
It is well known that our party UCPN Maoist has been determined to peace process, statute and the progressive transfermation of the country.

There is an clear image of our party and its proper performances on the dignified army integration, constitution drafting including the comprehensive peace talk, interim constitution and other understandings and agreemos. According to the central committee meeting held in July 24th 2011 to July. 25, 2011 to forward the peace process and constitution drafting the standing committee of our party has passed five points concept and commitment in 25 Aug. with the periferi of the eintire majority decision. The decision has been carried on handing over the weapons and the containers to the special committee by entire majority in the point ‘Army Integration of Maoist’s Combatats’ and rehabilitation’ immediately after formation of the Maoist lead government.

It’s a duty of a responsible party to dignify the commitments that were put in front of the people. The decision carried on by the special committee held in Aug. 31 to handover the PLA, weapons and the containers to the follow up committee under by special committee and to implement that decision by Sept. 1 is therefore, clear for all and it is not negative towards the party’s decision too.
In this regard, the party has expressed its deep concern to the statement released by our party’s Chairman Comrade Kiran’s dissatisfaction to the decision carried on by the special committee stating it as being against to the party’s decision. Therefore, we appeal to all the party members, PLA and even to all Nepalese not to be eggerative towards the statement issuing by Comarade Kiran and to unite being patien and well determined for the official decision.

Sept. 2, 2011-09-02

UCPN Maoist

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