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U.S. keeps Nepal Maoists on their anti-terrorist blacklist

Posted by Mike E on September 2, 2011

The U.S. government has used their State department terrorist list as a way of threatening insurgent movements they oppose. Their claim that Nepal’s Maoists are “terrorist” is both absurd and extremely unjust.
Revolution in Nepal is justified. Maoists are not terrorists. Remove them from this U.S. government hit-list!

US keeps Nepal Maoists on blacklist despite new PM

(AFP)  WASHINGTON — The United States said that Nepal’s Maoists needed to do more to be removed from a terrorism blacklist, even though it hopes to work with a new prime minister from the left-wing movement.

Baburam Bhattarai, a senior leader of the former rebels whose insurgency helped topple the monarchy, was selected Sunday as prime minister in a new bid to end a prolonged political deadlock in the Himalayan nation.

The United States has pledged to work with Bhattarai but, in response to a question, said that the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist would remain on a list of terrorist organizations whose members are barred from US travel.

“While the party has taken some positive steps, we continue to have areas of concern which must be addressed before the party could be de-listed,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.

The Maoists have long sought the removal of the designation. Nuland dismissed suggestions that the listing would complicate US ties, saying: “We are hopeful that we will be able to have a good working relationship.”

“There are a number of governments around the world where individual folks, individual parties in a coalition, have been designated, and we continue to work as best we can there,” she said.

She did not specify criteria, but US diplomats in the past have urged the Maoists to renounce definitively the use of violence as a political instument.

Maoist rebels waged a a bloody conflict that left 16,000 dead before turning to mainstream politics and winning elections in 2008. The Maoists were blamed for a 2004 attack on the American Center in Kathmandu.

The Maoists are on the US Terrorism Exclusion List but not the tougher Foreign Terrorist Organization List, which would make it a crime to provide financial support to the group.

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3 Responses to “U.S. keeps Nepal Maoists on their anti-terrorist blacklist”

  1. siva said

    The US wants absolute surrender.
    Even Bhattarai will find it hard to please the US.

  2. arbanth said

    That’s Uncle Sam for you wielding the big stick.He is looking for converts to his religion.Yup.. he sounds and acts very arrogant because he has met with a lot of success in this business of his.Remember the Soviet-bloc.Only way for the revolution in Nepal is to strengthen organisations that can faithfully reflect the will of the people.Let new ways of thinking flourish in this atmosphere filled with confusion.

    Long live the revolution.

  3. Simon Bolivar said

    The US is attempting to force the Nepali people into their own palms. Its no surprise that the United States is attempting to do this when the people of Nepal are showing the entire world that they’re setting out on a revolutionary course against exploitation and imperialism. Fortunately, this only draws the line against the revolutionary and the imperialists, it shows that there are ideological differences between the revolutionary and that the capitalist ultimately knows that the revolutionary exists and the revolutionary will inevitably if the ideological force of revolution is powerful enough, will make a change to the societal constructs of the present society. If the Nepali Maoists were removed from the fear list, I would quite honestly be afraid as it would show that the United States and global capital are attempting to cozy up with the Maoists and deviate their ideological goals even further in the interests of imperialism.

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