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Urgent: Funds NOW for Winter Has Its End reporters

Posted by Rosa Harris on September 6, 2011

Reporting from rural Nepal (the revolution's Rolpa heartland) with Winter Has Its End. Support this work with funds!

Everyone reading this site enjoys and appreciates the tremendous reporting carried out by Winter Has Its End.

They need thousands of dollars.

Money is needed NOW just to eat and travel!

Much more is needed to organize future reporting.

Support this new generation of communist journalists!

Send $100 or $500 or more now!

Go to the WINTER HAS ITS END site and click on their PAY PAL link!

NOW. Please.

Eric Ribellarsi explained the needs and purposes in a comment on this thread:

Thanks to Kasama moderators for running this. We would like to make you all aware of just a few of the big things we have coming:

1. We are continuing to report on the rapid changes that are coming here in Nepal, including the resistance to the disarming of the revolution and the coming resurrection of the base areas in Nepal through the form of People’s Councils. We will be covering the details as revolutionaries here continue to shift and move on a new basis.

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Nepal’s Biplab: Nothing Will Stop the Coming Revolution!

Posted by hetty7 on September 6, 2011

Torch rally against surrender, photo credit: Eric Ribellarsi

The following interview with Biplab (Netra Bikram Chanda), a leading member of the Maoist party in Nepal, was conducted the week before Baburam Bhattarai’s election. At that momentarily the left and right wings of the Maoists were (briefly) working together to weaken the current party chairman Prachanda (obviously for different reasons). That situation ended when  Bhattarai moved to disarm and dissolve the People’s Liberation Army.

Things have changed and events have moved quickly in the days since this interview was given. However it still gives a sense of the struggle over the future of Nepal’s revolution within the Maoist party.

It first appeared on Winter Has Its End (WHIE).

WHIE: Very sharp differences have emerged in your party over army integration. Could you explain those to us?

BIPLAB: We have a two-line struggle going on in our party over the integration of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). This struggle has mainly been targeted at Baburam Bhattarai, but at the moment it has become focused on Prachanda. Prachanda is claiming that we can go forward by accepting the integration proposals of the reactionary forces in Nepal.

They are ready to dissolve, not integrate, the People’s Liberation Army which fought for 12 years, into the Nepal Army.

It is amazing that the Nepal Army has put forward proposal about integration. Their proposal gives them leadership and disintegrates the People’s Liberation Army under it. The PLA is treated not as soldiers of Nepal. It suggests that the PLA step aside into local bureaus, and become unarmed forest guards. Prachanda is accepting their proposal.

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