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Urgent: Funds NOW for Winter Has Its End reporters

Posted by Rosa Harris on September 6, 2011

Reporting from rural Nepal (the revolution's Rolpa heartland) with Winter Has Its End. Support this work with funds!

Everyone reading this site enjoys and appreciates the tremendous reporting carried out by Winter Has Its End.

They need thousands of dollars.

Money is needed NOW just to eat and travel!

Much more is needed to organize future reporting.

Support this new generation of communist journalists!

Send $100 or $500 or more now!

Go to the WINTER HAS ITS END site and click on their PAY PAL link!

NOW. Please.

Eric Ribellarsi explained the needs and purposes in a comment on this thread:

Thanks to Kasama moderators for running this. We would like to make you all aware of just a few of the big things we have coming:

1. We are continuing to report on the rapid changes that are coming here in Nepal, including the resistance to the disarming of the revolution and the coming resurrection of the base areas in Nepal through the form of People’s Councils. We will be covering the details as revolutionaries here continue to shift and move on a new basis.

2. We are investigating the views among the people, and how different sections of society view the questions of revolution and peace. What is the social basis for consolidating capitalism, and who in this society wants a fundamental rupture with both imperialism and feudalism moving towards socialism?

3. We will be bringing reports from our investigations in Rolpa on both the history of the revolution (how it happened, what lessons to draw from it for our own uncharted road to communist revolution in the U.S.), and the state of the base areas in this current transition period.

4. We are planning a national speaking tour when we return. We need funds for continuing travel.

5. We are planning further reporting in more locations for the near future. We want to make the leap from being just a summer reporting project to a more permanent project that reports on revolution all over the world. Keep tuned.

And also, as the post above points out, we need to eat. :)

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