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A different Bhattarai voice in 2009: “We will complete the revolution”

Posted by redpines on September 7, 2011

Baburum Bhattarai recently became prime minister of Nepal. However his program is in sharp contrast to the revolutionary program and history of his party, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). One way to bring that out is to compare Bhattarai’s own political statements from only two years ago with the program he is so energetically articulating and pursuing now. 

The following is a talk Bhattarai gave in 2009,  with the WPRM of the UK in 2009, which was later republished by Monthly Review. In it, Bhattarai praises China’s cultural revolution, unequivocally defends the need to push through to a New Democratic revolution in Nepal, affirms the tactic of urban insurrection–and strangely enough–mentions the need to maintain the PLA.

“The Peoples Liberation Army is still with us, and the arms we collected during that war are still with us within the single-key system, monitored by the United Nations team, but basically the key is with us and the army is with us and we have never surrendered. This shows we have not abandoned the path of PPW. What we have done is suspended that part of the activity for some time and focused more on the urban activities so that we could make a correct balance between the military and political aspects of struggle. After some time we will be able to combine both aspects of Protracted Peoples War  and general insurrection to mount a final insurrection to capture state power.”

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