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Nepal: Biplab – The Main Thing is Revolution

Posted by hetty7 on September 8, 2011

Photo Credit: Eric Ribellarsi

This article is from the new Red Star.

Netra Bikram Chanda “Biplab”-  State, Transformation & Peace

“Debates and struggles are running inside and outside of the political parties.  UCPN-Maoist, NC and UML are passing through the process of intense debates. A strange situation has been created whether the running peace process can carry the debate in a smooth way or not. If not, we cannot deny that the struggle will enter into a stage for state transformation.”

3 September 2011: The debate of state, transformation and peace has widened the struggle in two spheres. The first one is among the political parties and the second one among the ideological factions within political parties. Struggle among the political parties is mainly amongst UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress (NC) and UML.  Struggle among the political parties is amongst the ideological factions within Maoist, NC and  UML parties. However, the struggle  among the factions within Maoist party is very important and has historical significance. The struggle can give a new direction and a new mode to the political struggle and peace process.

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