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Arundhati Roy on the Jan Lokpal bill: “What Are You Doing This For?”

Posted by hetty7 on September 9, 2011

Recently, a popular anti-corruption movement has arisen in India around activist Anna Hazare’s support of the Jan Lokpal bill. This is a piece of legislation that proposes to institutionalize anti-corruption measures, protect whistleblowers and address the grievance of citizens. Arundhati Roy, who is one of India’s most consistently fierce and principled voices for justice, is opposed to the bill in its current form, and is skeptical about some of the dynamics of the movement it has generated. According to Roy, the Jan Lokpal legislation has support from dubious entities like the Ford Foundation and the World Bank, and could be used to bolster corporate interests in India. She also discusses the nature of corruption in India, and the difference between mass movements led by the people and those infiltrated by NGOs. This interview is from Sanhati, August 30,  2011.

India –  Jan Lokpal Bill is very regressive: Arundhati Roy

” For protest movements of the powerful, protest movements where the media is on your side, protest movements where the government is scared of you, protest movements where the police disarm themselves, how many movements are there going to be like that? I don’t know. While you’re talking about this, the army is getting ready to move into Central India to fight the poorest people in this country, and I can tell you they are not disarmed. So I don’t know what lessons you can draw from a protest movement that has privileges that no other protest movement I’ve ever known has had.”

In an exclusive interview, writer Arundhati Roy said there are serious concerns about the Jan Lokpal Bill, corporate funding, NGO’s and even the role of the media.

Sagarika Ghose: Hello and welcome to the CNN-IBN special. The Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement has thrown up multiple voices. Many have been supportive of the movement, but there have been some who have been skeptical and raised doubts about the movement as well. One of these skeptical voices is writer Arundhati Roy who now joins us. Read the rest of this entry »

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