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Maoist film on India’s revolution: Blazing Trail

Posted by redpines on September 11, 2011

This informative and inspiring documentary  narrates the Maoist revolutionary movement in India from the 60s to the recent past. It includes some especially wonderful footage of adivasi (indigenous) struggles in central India. Although it appears to have been released in 2006, it is still highly recommended viewing. Thanks to Sidhartha S. for suggesting it to us.

The introduction below originally appeared at Naxal Revolution.

Blazing Trail: A Journey Through the Indian Revolution

An awe inspiring video documentary from the Red areas of India. This film documents the emergence of the Indian revolutionary process, coming as it is in a world of struggle, mass upheaval, rebellion and revolution!

This film includes footage of the Vietnamese people’s defeat of the US imperialists, the victory and success of the Chinese People’s Revolution and massive street rebellions shaking the citadels of imperialism. It shows the overall dialectical development of revolution, both in the oppressed and oppressor nations, shaking the imperialist system’s foundations.

Today in India, the communist forces are stronger, united within the Communist Party Of India (Maoist), leading the Indian revolution by developing People’s War. This movie is a saga of heroism and sacrifice in the face of a brutal enemy masquarading as the World’s “largest democracy”, foundations are being laid for a New Democratic India.


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