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Interview: The Future of Nepal’s Revolution and People’s Army

Posted by enaadoug1982 on September 15, 2011

“If we were to integrate the Peoples Liberation Army and Nepal Army under the terms and conditions of the bourgeois army, then we believe the revolution will not be completed.”

Interview with Vice-commander in the Nepal Peoples Liberation Army. His nom de guerre is Tarzan.

This video interview first appeared on the blog of the Winter Has Its End team for revolutionary journalism.

The reporters wrote:

“While on our journey to Thawang, the village where Nepal’s people’s war began, we had the great opportunity to visit with Binprasad, (party name: Tarzan), a People’s Liberation Army member out on break from the cantonments (sites where the revolutionary army has been confined during the period of Nepal’s ceasefire).

“Tarzan spoke with us about his concerns about the future of the People’s Liberation Army, and the future of the revolution itself.”


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Nepal: Maoist soldiers in Rolpa want control over their weapons

Posted by hetty7 on September 15, 2011

This article is from

Maoists in Rolpa Dissatisfied Over Keys Handover

Rolpa, Sept 02: UCPN (Maoist) cadres close to party Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya in Rolpa district took reservations over the handover of the keys to the arms containers to the Special Committee.

Concluding that the handover of the keys was against the party and revolution, the Maoist leaders demanded the leaders correct the “mistake” they have made.

Issuing a statement on Friday, Maoist Secretary at the district, Chunamani Wali said that the handover of the keys at a time when discussions were underway regarding army integration was suicidal.

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Video: Maoist medical camp in Northern India

Posted by redpines on September 15, 2011

This short video narrates efforts of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) to build revolutionary medical camps in Bihar. One of the featured camp’s primary aims is to eradicate life-threatening diseases like malaria and diarrhea. 

Thanks to Sidhartha S. for pointing it out. 

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India in a State of Change

Posted by celticfire84 on September 15, 2011

This piece was originally posted at Guernica. Thanks to Selucha for pointing it out. This essay captures the contradiction in place in India: the expansive wealth of some and the dire poverty of so many, and the corrupt government trying to reconcile the conflict by taking authoritarian measures.

India is indeed rising. So why are more than three-quarters of the country living on less than fifty cents a day?

On Change in India

by Siddhartha Deb September 2011
India is indeed rising. So why are more than three-quarters of the country living on less than fifty cents a day? A snapshot of inequity, in four scenes.

1. Our author witnesses a roadside “encounter”
The highway out of Hyderabad towards Kothur village was still being worked on, with new overpasses and exits being constructed next to the lanes that were open to traffic. Vijay and I were halfway to our destination when we saw the man appear, standing in the middle of the road and waving us down. We were traveling fast, moving much too quickly to understand immediately what the man’s appearance meant. A few days earlier, on this same road, we had been stopped by two police constables. Assigned to guard duty at another point on the highway and left to fend for their own transportation, all the men had wanted was a lift. But the figure in front of us now was not in uniform, and his objective was far less clear, although I had the impression that he was part of the knotted confusion of people and cars that had sprung up suddenly on the smooth thread of the highway.

Vijay brought his tiny car to a halt, and the man loomed up in front of the windscreen, a dark, stocky figure dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. He put his right hand down on the bonnet of our car. In his left hand, he held an automatic pistol, its barrel pointing up at an acute angle. His gaze, as it swept over our faces, was intense, scrutinizing us carefully, meeting our eyes for a few seconds. Then he abruptly lost interest in us and switched his attention to a motorcycle coming up from behind, on our right. He advanced swiftly towards the bike, pointing his pistol at the riders. A policeman in uniform appeared on our left, tapped on our window, and asked us to move on. Read the rest of this entry »

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