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Nepal: Maoist soldiers in Rolpa want control over their weapons

Posted by hetty7 on September 15, 2011

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Maoists in Rolpa Dissatisfied Over Keys Handover

Rolpa, Sept 02: UCPN (Maoist) cadres close to party Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya in Rolpa district took reservations over the handover of the keys to the arms containers to the Special Committee.

Concluding that the handover of the keys was against the party and revolution, the Maoist leaders demanded the leaders correct the “mistake” they have made.

Issuing a statement on Friday, Maoist Secretary at the district, Chunamani Wali said that the handover of the keys at a time when discussions were underway regarding army integration was suicidal.

“Agitation is for sure if the decision is not corrected,” Wali said in the statement.

He demanded the decision that would disarm and dismantle the People’s Liberation Army and eventually destroy the norms and values of the people’s war should  be corrected.

Notwithstanding the protest, the establishment faction of the party commented on the statement as normal reaction.

Party district in charge Man Bahadur Budhamagar said such type of reaction is normal in larger parties like the Maoists.

The keys of the containers at the Fifth Division  camps have been handed over to the monitors deployed by the Special Committee at the cantonment site in Rolpa.

The keys were handed over to the monitors late nite Thursday, the division informed.

Vice Commander at a brigade, Jagat Bahhadur Pun handed over the keys to the monitors.

There are 407 weapons in the Division with five brigades and 2437 Maoist PLA fighters.


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