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Nepal: Reports from Winter Has Its End team

Posted by hetty7 on September 16, 2011

A few trekkers we found on our way to Thawang. Photo: Zack and Thomas (Winter Has Its End)

Winter Has Its End is a team of reporters traveling during the summer of 2011 to places in the world where people are rising up. Their statement says “We aim to give  on the ground reporting, telling the story of people who are fighting for a better world. We want to provide a picture as their struggle to realize their aspirations unfolds. Who are these people? What drives them to fight? What kind of world are they trying to bring into being? What stands in their way?”

The reporters have been in Nepal for weeks.  These are some of their early stories. As they now return, we will post their further essays and interviews.

Demobilized PLA Members Fight Back

Tonight, torch-carrying former members of the People’s Liberation Army held a highly disciplined and militant demonstration in Kathmandu. They are challenging the government has no future for them  other than basket weaving programs, and arguing against one view in the UCPN(M) that would ultimately mean the dissolution of the PLA.

When the Maoists entered the ceasefire of 2006, the United Nations was charged with the task of disqualifying any fighter  who joined the PLA when they were under the age of 18 or was deemed unfit for any other reason. About 2000 of the nearly 30,000 PLA fighters were disqualified. Many have spoken out that they will continue to be fighters for Maoist revolution.

Videos and interviews from this demonstration coming soon. Photos by Eric Ribellarsi.

Former People’s Liberation Army Refuses to be Silent

Written by Eric Ribellarsi

Former soldiers of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) , many of whom are now organized as the Young Communist League (YCL), a mass fighting organization, stepped out politically against schemes to disperse and degrade them. On August 8, they held a disciplined and militant manifestation in the streets of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu – putting themselves and their demands squarely into the crisis gripping Nepal. Will the PLA be dispersed and disarmed? Or will they prepare for a new wave of revolution? In many ways, the futures of their country and the surrounding South Asian region hang on those questions.

An Exploration of Revolutionary Land Reform in Nepal

Written by Eric Ribellarsi

A central question of Nepal’s revolution has been revolutionary land reform. Why is it necessary? What does that mean in a country like Nepal? What are the struggles which are taking place over the content of land reform? We discussed these questions with Nahendra Khadka, a Central Committee member of the All Nepal Peasants Federation.

Download is available on

Paintings of Rebel Nepal

These paintings were made at an artist event in support of Nepal’s Maoist party after the Maoist victory in the Constituent Assembly elections.

Photos by Jim Weill

These photos can be viewed on

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