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Nepal report: Maoist left forces forming its own structure

Posted by celticfire84 on September 29, 2011

This comes from the Red Star (Nepal). Posting here does not imply endorsement of the views presented.

Baidya Ideological Faction Centralizing Cadres

Kathmandu, 22 September: Revolutionary ideological faction under the leadership of com. Kiran has concluded its central level cadre training and interaction in Kathmandu valley yesterday. The questions were on how to face all the intrigues and the plots that are being developed under the bogus revolutionary cover of the party leadership. The question of the federalism, respected integration of army, drafting people’s constitution, issue of key, return the seized land using police force by the government were discussed widely.

Cadres gathering in the central interaction actively and seriously took part. They are given directions to go back in the field and work actively with the people in the local areas. All the cadres who had appeared with some confusions, whether the leadership takes its initiative to advance or not, were made clear when the interaction concluded. Cadres returned in a very exiting mood and they shared their live experiences among the co-warriors with their warm hand shaking.

Distance between the ideological factions inside UCPN-Maoist is being widened coming to the later period of transition for peace and constitution. Inner struggle deepened when the leadership of UCPN-Maoist became ready to abandon main agendas and the achievements of People’s War and People’s Movement II. The central assemble of the revolutionary ideological faction is warning and preparation for revolutionary way ahead.

2 Responses to “Nepal report: Maoist left forces forming its own structure”

  1. Baidya is but one aspect of this grand display of party determination-THEY WILL NOT BE CO-OPTED INTO BOURGEOIS POLITICAL FORMATIONS!

  2. Divash Sharma said

    The line struggle within the UCPN (M) is the extension of the class struggle in the larger Nepalese society. Hence, the debates could be considered as normal. However, the debate and the struggle this time are qualitatively different.

    The Prachanda-Bhattarai combine has been pursuing a political line that, at best, moves around radical reforms. These reforms will help the combine to gradually assimilate within bourgeois political amphitheatre. The reforms also will provide some revolutionary flavour. Hence, they could please reactionaries and reformists on one side and could deceive revolutionary masses on the other.However, Kiran-Badal led revolutionary bloc has been putting road blocks to Prachanda-Bhattarai combine.

    In the past, Kiran presented several “Notes of Dissent”. But, the Prachanda-Bhattarai combine did not care. This time, it is going beyond “Note of Dissent”. The political and military cadres of UCPN (M) are well aware of the intensions, plans and practices of Prachanda-Bhattarai combine. Not only the working class people, but also the peasantry and petty bourgeois classes are feeling unprecedented antagonism towards the state and its highly corrupt comprador bourgeois political instruments. Hence, the objective situation is not only favourable for revolutionaries; it has been creating compulsions for the revolutionary leadership to move fast. If the revolutionary bloc within UCPN (M) fails to stand firm and fails to move forward resolutely; the bloc and its leadership would be considered as a bunch of spineless non-revolutionary patriarchs and their devotees. Hence, they also are under tremendous pressure of the masses, cadres and factors originating out of the prevailing situation. Moreover, Badal told that if need be there they will form a new party, organize a new people’s army and form a new parallel (?) government. This time the revolutionary bloc has presented its programs and plan of actions. If translated into reality, the indications are promising, which could accelerate the process of moving towards historic reorganization of revolutionary forces.

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