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The Red Star Nepal: On the Fight Against Revisionism

Posted by celticfire84 on September 29, 2011

This comes from the Red Star (Nepal). As our usual policy, the views presented do not necessarily reflect the views of South Asia Revolution.

Fight against revisionism in UCPN-Maoist

Kathmandu, 25 September: In the inner struggle of UCPN-Maoist party in Nepal, new and new ideas and the style of two line struggle are being developed in the course struggle. Many political and other analysts have said that the party splits and the interest of the reactionaries will be fulfilled.

However, the fight has developed its historically advanced procedures for inner struggle. The party has already developed some ideas by creating the authentic forum of discussion and separate gathering and interaction by the ideological factions. This is the latest development because the revisionism and the reformism that has came into existence in the course of exercising the people’s power in the local and regional levels of the nation. We are in that situation where we have to evaluate the history of the people’s powers, their exercises and the emergence of the reformism and the revisionism in the world. The real exercise is being implemented in Nepal. The party, UCPN-Maoist, has been divided into three ideological factions: revolutionary, revisionism and reformism.

Now the entire party is in the intense inner struggle. It has not yet been decided which will win. Nevertheless, revolutionary faction is offending and fighting with the help of the people, supporters, well wishers and the strong team all over the country.

3 Responses to “The Red Star Nepal: On the Fight Against Revisionism”

  1. Kumar Sarkar said

    “In the inner struggle of UCPN-Maoist party in Nepal, new and new ideas and the style of two line struggle are being developed in the course struggle…..”

    It is indeed encouraging that Maoism is being creatively developed during the revolutionary process in Nepal. However, the emphasis at present seems to be on the “style” and “procedures”; not much has been heard on ‘theoretical development’. Probably, this is being carried out in internal publications.

    It is necessary to re-examine the application of the concept of New Democracy in a country like Nepal, where there is no capitalist development and thus no significant presence of the ‘national bourgeoisie’ and feudal and comprador bourgeois forces dominate.

    In my opinion, the roots of reformism are to be found in the mechanical copying of the ‘new democratic stage’, which gave birth to Bhattarai’s “sub-stage” of ‘national capitalism via historic compromise with parliamentary democrats’.

    Additionally, the Maoist concept of the ‘continued revolution’
    is hardly mentioned. Maoism without continued revolution is ‘old Maoism’. Democratic revolution cannot be fought in isolation, it is INTERWOVEN with struggle for socialism, and there is no ‘Chinese wall’ between the two.

    Roots of revisionism and reformism within the communist movement
    have so far been inadequately dealt with.

  2. Kumaraaditya said

    Frankly, I would like to make clear that there are some comrades and cadres within Baidhya faction( but they are very few in number), who always used to talk about revolution, but they don’t want to go ahead without Prachabda. They are the follower of Krishna Bahadur Mahara the real name of opportunistic attitude. They are ambiguous.They want revolutioin in the leadership of Prachanda. How can we transfer Khrushchev into Lenin ? The has mentioned that ‘In the inner struggle of UCPN-Maoist party in Nepal, new and new ideas and the style of two line struggle are being developed in the course struggle’. What a rubbish ! This type of two line struggle will do nothing. It wii not produce any creative result, rather than it leads to liquidation. It seems that those who are ‘exercising new style of two line struggle’ are bargaining for some ministers and posts. It is the reality that there is also inner struggle within Baidhya’s faction . A group within Baidhya faction wants to make break through with Prachanda and to march a head. But another group like The is still waiting for green signal from Prachanda. But it is the matter of irony that they are still pleading that they are the real supporter of Baidhya faction. We must be clear that they are exercising ney type of Eclecticism. Baidhya should be clear in this issue.

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    […]The Red Star Nepal: On the Fight Against Revisionism « Revolution in South Asia[…]…

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