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Nepal: Maoist Central Committee to Meet

Posted by hetty7 on October 20, 2011

This is from myrepublica

The following statement is from “Nepal’s Crossroads: Without a People’s Army, the People Have Nothing” by Eric Ribellarsi and Mike Ely from Kasama.

“For over twenty years, the impoverished and isolated peoples in the southern Himalayan foothills have risen up to remake themselves and their world. Now, after the sacrifices of a whole generation, the future of their movement and society hangs in the balance:

Will the revolutionary sections of the people be able to carry through the struggle to create the radically new Nepal they have dreamed of? Or will the accomplishments of their struggle so far be consolidated into something that falls short of liberation.”

Dahal Backs Down

Post B Basnet

Kathmandu, Oct. 13: Giving into the party hardliners’ demand, Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Wednesday cancelled the scheduled national gathering of party cadres and instead called a meeting of the Central Committee for Nov. 3rd to take up disputed issues in the party.

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