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Important leap toward consolidating Nepal’s revolutionary forces

Posted by onehundredflowers on October 25, 2011

We are receiving reports that the revolutionary left forces within Nepal’s Maoist party may be moving to consolidate themselves and separate from previous Maoist leaders who have openly abandoned preparations for revolution.

This would obviously be an important development for the (the UCPN[Maoist]) — the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). And it would also be a major (even historic) event for South Asia’s hopes, and important on a world scale.

It is something that every revolutionary person should pay attention to, learn from, and help others understand. It is worth asking “What would it mean if the people of a country truly succeeded in creating a radical new socialist society? What would it mean for the world?”

And it is worth watching closely to understand: “What line and approach are the revolutionaries of Nepal regrouping around? What are their plans, strategies and perspectives?”

At this point we have all studied the growing struggle within Nepal’s Maoist party — between the politics of continuing or abandoning revolutionary change. We won’t repeat here what we have said elsewhere.

We will report news and statements as they appear. And (as always) we caution everyone to not assume the mainstream press tells the truth — caution, patience an close attention are appropriate.

This revolutionary movement in Nepal has for fifteen years been an important center of hope and inspiration for oppressed people around the world. And people all over the world have not just watched the rise of this great movement in Nepal — but also found ways to speak out, to share its lessons, to record its accomplishments, to learn from its crossroads. That process will possibly intensify in the days ahead.

The intense internal struggle over direction within the UCPN(Maoist) has been watched closely and debated. Now there is a chance that the revolutionary forces are seizing the initiative — seeking to consolidate and proceed. Nepal’s people have suffered bitterly from feudal oppression, intense poverty, and the extensive outside domination of Nepali economics, politics and culture. The hope of Nepal’s oppressed (and the oppressed of South Asia) has been with the powerful and lofty movement for revolutionary change — for the abolition of feudal relations, for the collective solutions to backwardness, for the liberation of women, and for the defeat of reactionary Indian domination (backed by U.S. imperialism). Those hopes live. And may now take new practical form. Such a move will not be easy — class struggle is not a dinner party, and powerful forces will go into motion to isolate and defeat an attempt at new revolutionary groupment.

The following article appeared in Nepal News.

Dahal and Bhattarai will be expelled from party: Gajurel

In what signals the growing crisis within the main ruling UCPN (Maoist), party secretary C.P Gajurel Tuesday went on to accuse party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai of being ‘anti-national’ and that the two “have no right to stay in the party”.

Speaking at a programme in Sindhuli Tuesday, Gajurel warned that the chairman Dahal and PM Bhattarai will be ousted form party for undermining the revolutionary path of the party.

“Dahal and Bhattarai acted as agents of the India and discredited the people revolt. They have no right to stay in the Maoist party,” the tough-talking Maoist hardliner said.

Gajurel insisted that the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA) signed with India proved the ‘anti-national’ character of Dahal and Bhattarai.

He even claimed that the party will organise a formal programme to announce the ouster of Dahal and Bhattarai from the party.

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