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India’s Big Mining Push and The Inevitable Resistance

Posted by redpines on October 30, 2011

To fully understand the threat that the CPI(Maoist) poses to the Indian state, and to neoliberal capitalism at large, one has to consider India’s capitalist development schemes. Capitalism requires unlimited growth, without regard to environmental destruction, sustainability or the welfare of indigenous peoples. As this article from Mining Weekly points out, India’s mining profits are far lower than those in other countries with comparable geological resources. To maintain its status as an emerging capitalist power, India needs to boost its profits in this sector. So it is pouring money into mining technology. What the article doesn’t say, however, is that the Maoists and their tribal base in Central and East India, often prevent mining firms from operating in these areas. This is not just a problem for the Indian state, but for capital accumulation on a global scale. As this article makes clear, (albeit with some disinformation) Indian coal is a key global commodity–and its extraction is being slowed by Maoist efforts. Further capitalist mining development will only mean further military and economic attacks on the Maoists and tribal peoples. 

India sets aside $1.4bn for exploration investment

By Ajoy K Das

13th October 2011 

KOLKATA – India’s Mines Ministry has proposed the government spend $1.4-billion between 2012 and 2017 to plug the technological gap in mineral exploration, thereby increasing mining’s share in the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), which was currently pegged at 2.2%. Read the rest of this entry »

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