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A young Indian speaks out in Defense of her Maoist parents

Posted by redpines on November 1, 2011

Kerala, India: Slums and Special Economic Zones in Kochi

This is the powerful story of a young woman, Ami, whose parents are urban Maoist revolutionaries in Southern India. Despite the difficulties she has faced, including repeated harassment and intimidation from the Indian state, Ami testifies to the urgency of revolution in India. In particular, she emphasizes the necessity of ending the oppression of women:

My papa told me that they have been in this struggle so that thousands of girls like me can walk freely and fearlessly in this country. It means that they are living and working for me too. To bring about an environment in which I and my sister can cross the road and go to a neighbour’s house alone even at night. If this is the objective of their life, I support them, and I am with them.

The article also provides a glimpse of the difficult and delicate work of Maoist organizing. Such work is especially precarious in urban locations far from the forest base areas in Central and Eastern India. The article originally appeared in Open Magazine.

Daughter of a Maoist

Terrorised by the police, bereft of parents, evicted from school—what it means to be a 15-year-old daughter of parents ‘wanted’ by the State

29 October 2011

by Shahina KK

I first met her when she was around 10 or 11 months old. Her mother Shyna was a friend and source. At the time, Shyna was an upper division clerk in the High Court. She was also an activist trying to set up a trade union in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Kochi. As a TV reporter, I had frequent contact with Shyna. She often gave me story tips from the SEZ, to which the media didn’t have much access. Her little girl was called Ameranta. I found the name odd. Many of our common friends thought likewise. We advised Shyna to change the name. I remember telling Shyna that when the child grew up, she would dislike this name. Read the rest of this entry »

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