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Nepal revolutionaries speak: People’s Liberation Army will be reborn

Posted by redpines on November 4, 2011

“The rightist deviation; which dissolved the PLA that has sacrificed itself for the peace and transformation, will be demised soon. Hundred thousands of new PLA soldiers will take birth from the ashes of the dissolved PLA. The land lords, puppets, imperialists and the expansionists; who are exchanging their happiness, will have no more time to feel their happiness because we are with people and their happiness.”

A momentous clash has broken out in Nepal.

The prime minister of Nepal and the historic chairman of the Maoist party (two men once prominent in the revolution ) have declared the dissolution of the Peoples Liberation Army.

In quick opposition, organized revolutionary forces within their own party and leadership declared a determination to preserve the people’s armed forces — by rebuilding the Peoples Liberation Army if necessary.

On November 2, the dissolution of the PLA was announced in the form of a new Seven Point Agreement which was reached between Bhattarai, Prachanda and the other parties that make up Nepal’s Constituent Assembly.

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