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Kiran and Badal: Disbanding the PLA is a mistake

Posted by redpines on November 12, 2011

The struggle for revolution in Nepal is not over.

It’s not an easy situation. It’s true that leaders like Prachanda and Bhattarai appear to have “sold out” and abandoned anything resembling a revolutionary path. But it’s also true that these kinds of betrayals become more and more likely as a party moves toward power, when many new contradictions emerge. For instance, the danger of severe international isolation becomes very real. In turn, the temptation to take the capitalist road becomes stronger.  Despite this difficult road, the revolutionary wing of the UCPN(M) continues to fight against the liquidation of the People’s Liberation Army, and for a road toward New Democracy and socialism.

The following statement by Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ and General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’, discusses the revolutionary wing’s opposition to the recent Seven Point Agreement between several major parties in Nepal. The agreement would effectively dismantle the PLA, as well as the Young Communist League, another people’s fighting force. Without the PLA, the gains made by Nepal’s decade-long People’s War may be in danger. However, Kiran and Badal suggest that even this dire situation is not a final blow to the revolution: 

The conflict and movement can be managed not by disarming the PLA but by solving people’s political and economic problems. If no attention is paid on it none will be able to stop the creation of another historical mass movement.

Full Text of Press Statement by Comrade Kiran and Badal

November 6, 2011. 

Respected media persons,

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Stop U.S. Army counter-insurgency training of Nepal govt

Posted by redpines on November 12, 2011

The Army Integration Special Committee, which will oversee the implementation of the Seven Point Agreement on Nepal’s army integration has direct ties to US imperialism. The US has long had an interest in thwarting Nepal’s revolution. This is a very public and very direct example of US interference.

Given what US-backed military regimes have done to developing countries in the past, this seems to be a particularly ominous development. Without a People’s Army, the people are vulnerable to US military interests. 

Thanks to Democracy and Class Struggle for posting the article.

Nepal’s Army Integration Special Committee
Attending Training Programme of the US Army and Navy Academy
in California “aimed to help formation of national security policy”

November 6, 2011.

The timetable for the regrouping of the Maoist combatants is likely to fall behind schedule with majority of the members of the Army Integration Special Committee (AISC) remaining out of the country at the moment.

Five of the AISC members are now in the United States – four of them attending a training programme organised by the US Army.

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