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Nepal’s Revolutionaries call for PLA to abandon army integration

Posted by redpines on November 17, 2011

Nepal’s Revolutionary Maoist forces are shaking things up.

As this statement points out, the revolutionaries are taking concrete steps to resist the terms of the Seven Point Agreement between Bhattarai, Prachanda and several bourgeois parties. Leaders Kiran and Badal are calling for PLA fighters to abandon the process of integrating with the Nepal Army.

The statements were originally published in the English-language version of The Red Star.

Revoluionary faction calls PLA Soldiers not to participate in fusion

by RedStar
16 November, 2011

Kathmandu, 16 November: Senior Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya “Kiran” and General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa “Badal” have called the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to be separated fronm the procvess of integration of the army.

In a joint press-statement released yesterday, they have appealed ‘PLA soldiers not to participate in the process of fusion because it is very disrespectable and anti-peace processes’. They have appealed the ‘self-respected PLA commanders and soldiers to be totally separarted from the process of surrendering.’

Therevolutionary faction is against the process of disarming and recruiting PLA commanders and soldiesr as the first recruiters in army.

3 Responses to “Nepal’s Revolutionaries call for PLA to abandon army integration”

  1. nickglais said

    The Seventh Division of the PLA in Baidipur has refused to participate in fusion process as of today 17th November 2011

  2. Kumar Sarkar said

    Lal Salaam to the peasants of Nepal!
    Inquilab Zindabad!
    Bhattarai-Dahal reactionaries murdabad!

  3. hidayat said

    long live people armed struggle in Nepal…

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