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Nepal: Revolutionary peasants refuse to return land

Posted by redpines on November 18, 2011

Peasants with the ANPF(Revolutionary) flag

One of the aims of the  People’s War (1996-2006), was to provide “land to tiller,” or free agricultural land for peasants to farm individually or collectively. To accomplish this, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) helped peasants confiscate lands from feudal lords or rich landowners. This was especially necessary in the heavily-populated Terai region in Southern Nepal, where arable land is scarce relative to the population.

However, according to the terms of the recent Seven-Point Agreement, peasants have been ordered to return much of this land. Peasants who are part of All Nepal Peasants Federation-Revolutionary are refusing to do so.

This development is especially interesting, as some leaders of the ANPF(Revolutionary) are aligned with Prachanda, who signed the seven-point agreement. What this means, if anything, is not clear. 

Peasant Against Returning Land

by RedStar

Kathmandu, 16 November:

All Nepal Peasants Federation-Revolutionary (ANPF (Revolutionary) has declared not to return the land; which was confiscated in the period of People’s War. It was declared in a press meet held in capital city Kathmandu yesterday. ANPF-Revolutionary is standing against the returning of the land where the poor and homeless people are farming for their livelihood making their small huts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nepal – Bhutanese refugees go on hunger strike

Posted by hetty7 on November 18, 2011

For more of the history and significance today of the Bhutanese Refugees see the SAREV article  from Nov. 13, 2011: Bhutanese Refugees: Pawns of US imperialism

This article is from myrepublica

Bhutanese refugees on hunger strike


Jhapa, Nov. 15:  The Bhutanese refugees in Jhapa district who have been deprived of identity cards and the government relief packages have staged a fast-unto-death from Tuesday, demanding identity cards.

Some 15 Bhutanese women refugees have joined in the hunger strike.

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