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Discussion of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ in Nepal

Posted by hetty7 on November 21, 2011

This article is from redstarnepal.comwhich has emerged as the English language voice of the revolutionary wing of Nepal’s Maoists.

‘Occupy Wall Street’: New Trend of Global Movement

Kathmandu, 23 October: In the specific name of ‘Occupy Wall Street’, millions of people gathered together in the common places over 1,500 cities globally. Hundreds of US cities were occupied and many of the Chowks and the cross roads were liberated that day.  The slogan was made broader under ‘occupy together’. This made participation of the people broader and more effective.

They were connecting their lives and hope as well as future with a peaceful occupy. The occupiers used to accept by saying that “We occupy Wall Street because it is our future, our generations’ future that is at stake. ”

They were sharing their experiences and success to advance ‘together in Times Square to show the world that the power of the people is an unstoppable force of global change’. They used to say that they were fighting back against the dictators of our country – the Wall Street banks – and were winning that day.

Their version is that the 99%, who are being scapegoats by the 1%, were in the streets. They used to say that they were not willing to keep suffering for Wall Street’s sins.

The characteristics of the movement are as follows:

*Global nature

*Masses of the people

*Common objectve

*Use of high information technology

* Use of net, internet, email and face book

* Movement against giant imperial capitalism

*Global solidarity

It linked all the continents and the major cities of the world and mainly the workers and working class people led the movement spontaneously. They spellboundly attracted the support of  the lower,  middle and the middleclass people of the world.

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