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India: Thousands rally to honor murdered Maoist leader Kisanji

Posted by Mike E on November 28, 2011

This photo shows the thousand who honored Kisanji in his hometown — Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh. The people condemned the state murder of this beloved leader — and denounced the outrageous use of “false encounter” justifications.

Even some of the police there were reportedly mourning and crying.

The people sang the “Song of Resistance” in his honor — and as a sign of their deepest yearnings for liberation and revolutionary change.

Last video of Kisanji:

5 Responses to “India: Thousands rally to honor murdered Maoist leader Kisanji”

  1. arun said

    who is hero?………. “A hero places the interest of others over his own.And sometimes he may sacrifice his own life,so the others may prosper”.If it’s true..he was a hero.He sacrificed his life for poor adivasi,dalith peasents,And exploited and oppressed masses.

    chidambaram’s vultures could silent his gun and voice ,But ideology that placed never dies it’s still alive .It will create new waves of tsunami.
    he will always be n the path of revolution as a shining star.

  2. Harsh Thakor said

    It must literally have looked like a spark turning into a Priarie Fire.It reveals the desire of the broad masses for a revolutionary change.One of the most inspiring gatherings ever witnessed and the commemoration area was literally lit by red lamps.

  3. RevI said

    Not only for the Adivasi and oppressed people, but also for the working class of India and the world, which will lead the world in future. Actually, he gives his life for a better future of the whole world, NOT ONLY THE OPPRESSED PEOPLE OF INDIA.

  4. Green Red said

    Kisanji died for a nation much bigger than Cuba plus Bolivia plus Ghana all together…..and the way he was tortured is unspeakable….. Kisanji never dies. He has shone that blazing trail with a sparkle that soon shall blind his killers… I have a lot of respect for Che Guevara’s aspirations more than all his actions but Kisanji? that’s like Che to the second power

  5. indian said

    it is very true that kisanji was fighting for oppressed classes.But what he finally achieved is matter of is not only the goal but the way to achieve the goal also matters.whatever may be the goal of kisanji and his allies ,but the way towards the goal is certainly not acceptable, which finally led him to his fortune.There are many other ways to fight with oppression , not easier one but certainly they will not get ends like kisanji and azad have.

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