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PLA fighter in Nepal: We are not satisfied at all

Posted by redpines on December 1, 2011

Many members of Nepal’s People’s Liberation Army are deeply disturbed by the Seven-Point Agreement between Bhattarai, Prachanda and the leading bourgeois political parties. This agreement would effectively dismantle the PLA and leave the country without a standing military force in the service of revolution and liberation. Without an army in service of the people, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for Nepal to solve the problems of feudalism, Indian expansionism and imperialism that plague the country.

This state of affairs  is very precarious and  uncertain. As the commander wonders in the interview below, “where are we being driven to?” At the same time, Nepal’s people, and the revolutionary wing of the UCPN(M) continue to fight for New Democratic revolution and a socialist path. 

This interview originally appeared in The Red Star, which has emerged as the English-language voice of the UCPN(M)’s revolutionary faction.

We are disagree with the tendency that is going to dissolve People’s Liberation Army – Mep Bahadur Kunwar, ‘Vivek”

29 November, 2011

[Mep Bdr. Kunwar “Com. Vivek”  is  a Divisional Deputy Commander in the 6thDivision of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) camp; which is located in Surkhet district, Mid-WesternNepal. He is one of the prominent commanders of PLA in Nepal. Journalist Janmadev Jaishi has taken interview with him while PLA is being regrouping.]

Is People’s Liberation Army satisfied with this running process of regrouping ?

The most prominent issue of this period is to carry the peace process into a logical end. That includes the most important issue of the integration of army. However, what we are realizing now is quite reverse than what we had thought in the beginning of the peace process. The policy and the plan that is being implemented these days is promoting status quo in place of peace and transformation of the state. Read the rest of this entry »

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