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Nepal – The Radical Faction and the Struggle for Land

Posted by hetty7 on December 13, 2011

Photo credit: Zack

This article appeared in myrepublica.

Baidya Faction Seizes Land in Bara


Bara, Dec. 4: The radical faction of the UCPN (Maoist) has intensified the land grab drive  across the country. The Baidya faction erected the party flag in 22 bighas of land owned by Purwanchal property in Bara district on Friday.

The Maoist deputy in charge Ranjit Patel, however, claimed that the land has been under Maoist control since 2001.

The land owned by the Jyoti Group has been sold to Purwandchal two years ago. The party flag was erected in the land under instructions from Awaseh Patel, Maoist in charge of Constituency-6 in Bara.“We have heard the news that Maoists have erected a flag there.  We don’t know more than that,” said Gagan Ale who oversees the land.

The Baidya faction has stated that the November 1 peace deal signed by the party establishment is against the party’s norms and values.

The party hardliners have argued that the government must implement revolutionary land reforms or make alternative arrangements for those currently using the land.

They have also warned of retaliation if the government uses force to return the seized land.


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